Thursday, October 14, 2010

tree table base

In my town there is a house that the homeowners have been renovating all summer/fall. They did a pretty large addition & exterior renovation. I would really love to see the inside of the house! Hopefully they will have it on the holiday home tour, otherwise I will just have to do drive-bys at night to take a peak in the windows.
Anyway they apparently cut down a huge tree to have room for the renovation. This humongous chunk of tree has been sitting in their yard for months. I am sure they have a plan for it, if not I do.

Sorry bad picture but can't I do much better while driving down the road!

I think it would make a great outdoor table base. And look what I found in my inspiration folder Saturday....

I am obsessed!


Rachel said...

AWESOME!!! I love that. Wish we would've done something similar when we lost a tree in our backyard a few years ago. Instead we built our firepit around it.

I have a small one that belonged to my father-in-law. I thought about making it an outdoor end table, but I wasn't sure how. I know I don't want to use a glass top because of keeping it clean. Wonder what material they used for the top??

Bek* said...

just so you know, i have that same picture from the website bookmarked. i love that!

and for rachel, the top is a pour-it-yourself concrete slab.

Nikki said...

Approach them right now! Maybe the wife is fed up with having it sitting in her front yard would love for you to take it off their hands.

We have a house like that in our neighborhood. 9,000 sq ft. I wish they would open it up to all the nosey neighbors ;)

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