Friday, October 8, 2010

Tray Makeover

Several months ago my friend gave me a cute flower pot as a hostess gift. I thought the orange would look good in our hall bathroom so I made its new home in there. But it needed more friends so I started to look for a little tray.

I found the perfect one last week for 59 cents.

But one problem, I didn't need a Florida tray. I bought some scrapbook paper and Mod Podged (is that a verb) it to the tray. Since the tray had curved edges and I am not a perfectionist I just crumbled the paper into a ball to loosen it up before gluing. Worked like a charm.

Here is the tray with its new friends.

Any recommendations for a plant that needs almost NO light? We usually keep the blinds down in here so my plants die from no light(obvs). And I will not light that candle with the plant there, I at least know that much!

I bought that little brass coaster for $1 the same day as the tray. I love its shape.

To keep the tray from slipping I used some sticky back velcro, and I hot glued the candle to the coaster.


Jenny Boone said...

Pothos and peace lilies both do well without much light. They're also relatively easy to find. I just bought a couple on clearance from Kroger's floral dept.

Nikki said...

So crafty! It turned out great! A dead plant or a fake plant needs almost no light. I'm glad I could help.

Rachel said...

Looks great!

Red Gate Farm said...

Wow, I never thought of something like this. I see those old metal trays all the time but usually the colors or motifs are not what I'm looking for. What a great idea.

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