Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday in 12 Pictures

I have seen several blogs do a 10 on 10 feature on a Saturday that falls on the 10th of the month. I decided I would do my version of it to record a Saturday with no football game. So here is my 11 hours in 12 pictures on 10/9/10.


Eric was out of caffeine so we took a walk to the corner store to get his morning Coke. ps -we wake up way too early.


Last picture of our old kitchen lights

9 -

One Saturday a month I have to work for a few hours and this was my Saturday

10 -

Organizing my "inspiration" folder, we should be closed on Saturdays

11- Watched this Jack Johnson video on youtube over and over. I guess my simple mind enjoys paint effects.

12 -

I love my subconscious. I have been wanting to paint our doors Urbane Bronze and had apparently liked the color in this photo. I had forgotten I had ever seen it painted, all the more reason to have a inspiration binder!


Off work and I get home to find our new lighting is up. I'm in love!


We take a trip to the local nursery to pick up pinestraw, love all the pumpkins


The nursery also has a petting zoo for the day. Love me some cute farm animals. Had to throw in this picture of the sweet baby donkey. 4 - Time to start making food for the football game - BLT rollups , don't worry I took a shower first. lol.


Worn out Claire Belle from chasing chipmunks all day

6-10 we watched the Auburn game and that is it. It was a lovely weekend having things to do but then nothing at all.


Rachel said...

LOVE blt rollups! Glad you had a nice weekend.

Rachel said...

And...I LOVE the lighting. It looks soooo good!

Bek* said...

i hope you washed your hands in between the donkey and the roll-ups.

Nikki said...

Urbane bronze? Did you do it? I want to see it! I'm looking for a door color right now.

Are those Ikea lights? I love ikea *sigh*

Mrs. D said...

Love the new kitchen lights! And you've convinced me that I need an inspiration binder!

Gina said...

Okay this is really scary ... not only did our kitchen track-lighting go the same direction (your new lights over the sink rock!) but your inspiration folder looks almost identical to mine ... not kidding. I think we might have the exact same pictures cut out of magazines. Loved the post ... your pooch is too cute and those blt wraps made my mouth literally water. :O)gina

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