Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ring pillow

My nephews are going to be in a wedding later this month and I was asked to make the ring bearer pillows as well as the tie for my oldest nephew (7) to wear.

I think they turned out super cute!!
Amy Butler Lotus Dots is one of my favorite fabrics. It is a great neutral and I think it worked out perfectly for the tie and pillows. The bride (my cousin) told me she was wanting a green dot, I suggested Lotus Dots Lime and it happened to be the exact fabric she was wanting. Most of the time all of my fabric knowledge is useless, but it paid off this time to have a brain made of fabric.
I made the tie using this free pattern from the purl bee. It was pretty quick for the most part and pretty easy. The hardest part was sewing up the back of the tie. I couldn't figure out the stitch they used so I pretty much used a slip stitch. It was hard keeping it even which I feel like being cut on the bias added to the difficulty because the fabric wanted to stretch. But what do I know, it was probably the stitch I used.
I enjoyed making the tie as it was a cheap custom option that could add a lot to a white shirt. I may try another tie but not cut on the bias and see how it works out.
Will report back...


Rachel said...

Love the fabric. You did a great job!!

Nikki said...

Very cute! I wouldn't even know how to make a tie. So crafty!

paula said...

so want to make this now! looks gorgeous.

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