Monday, October 4, 2010

Porch Makeover

I am so excited to share our latest makeover project. It was a small one and just took several days but turned out to be one of my favorite makeovers we have done.

Our porch ceiling was covered with vinyl, which was fine except there was a hole in one of the vinyl boards. So being the way vinyl is installed we thought it would be just as easy to rip the vinyl out and start over, plus it would give more charm to our house than the vinyl did.

This is the only photo I can find of the ceiling. If you look closely you can see the ugly hole. Inside the ugly hole was a wasp nest that was impossible to get out or kill.

One day Eric came home and decided it was demo day and took the vinyl out. It came down super easy except for when the wasps tried to attack.

After the vinyl came down this is what we had. We were surprised and I loved it! We decided to keep the ceiling as it originally was until we were unable to get the chippy paint to strip or sand down.

Since the chippy paint wouldn't come off, the ceiling looked pretty bad. I was sad we couldn't keep the original ceiling, but I think the beadboard worked out perfectly. Eric trimmed it out with a 1x4 since we have simple lines everywhere else.

One of the benefits of having an old house, things don't have to be perfect. I am sure we will go back and caulk a little better but for now imperfections fit right in.

I originally wanted a new light but didn't find anything else I liked better. I actually think the scallops on the fixture look sweet. I just hate how it holds bugs!

We also took the old hinges off the door, I guess there was once a screen door. For some reason the previous owner painted the door frames stark white while the window trim is off white. So I painted that trim and painted brick where they had also gotten white paint everywhere. While I was at it I also painted all of the windows so now that is checked off the list. And I learned how to use the caulk gun!

I love the ceiling but the floor is what makes us so happy!!!!!! It was previously painted black concrete which was fine. We had wanted to add slate from the begining but never got around to it so I just forgot about that project. But once the ceiling was done, we knew that the floor needed help too.

The tiling was the first project we have paid someone to do rather than DIY. After 6 tile projects I think we deserve to have someone else do the work. Totally worth it!!

We love it the porch makeover and feel like it makes such a difference to the front of the house.

Here is a look at our porch exactly one year ago.

And today

For once Claire wasn't in the window. The squirrels are going crazy making a mess of our pecan trees so she was on full patrol ;)

I reused the planter boxes but sprayed them black. I use green planters in the winter after the pumpkins are put up. Now if our confederate jasmin would just grow, grow, grow.


Rachel said...

It looks beautiful!!! What a big difference it made! LOVE it all. We have some jasmine on an arbor in our backyard. I love it!

bethanypaige2 said...

very nice neener! looks super sharp. super sharp.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Your front porch looks fantastic with all the sprucing up you did. The touches of orange are just the right thing to accent the black door and floor.

Ben and Emily said...

What a difference!! It looks beautiful! Love the slate and beadboaard!

Jolie said...

So pretty! The photo with the dog looking out the window like that is priceless. Looks like something from a magazine. :)

Gina said...

Oh my goodness! LOVE the slate floor ... sweet make-over! The ceiling turned out awesome :O) Your porch area is so inviting ... and now ready for the holidays. The picture of pooch is priceless ... :O)Gina

Nikki said...

Looks fantastic! I love how you repurpose stuff, like your planters. I need to get on that game.

paula said...

It looks gorgeous! you all can do it all!

paula said... did not mean to rhyme.

Unknown said...

I know it's been a while but by chance does anyone know where this tile might be found? Is it a ceramic tile or natural stone? Thanks

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