Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October

Now I can get my spook on and decorate for Halloween this weekend.

This week Karli blogged about her awesome Halloween decorations. I had to have the glitter skeleton she put in her wreath. I usually don't do skeletons and blood but he was too cute.

So I made a trip to Dollar Tree during lunch to pick up my little spook.

Doesn't he look cute. Now my wreath looks a little more Halloween than fall or Auburn.
I am sure the silver or white would have shown up better but the black was drawing me in.

Dollar Tree had some other cute decorations. When I have a kid I can't wait to buy all of this cheesy Halloween stuff and have a big party with chili and grilled cheese. It will be an awesome display of Halloween randomness and tackiness. And then when we retire and have a pumpkin patch the party will be even better!

The glitter skeletons in white or black, they were out of silver.

I loved these chandeliers. They came in orange or purple and unfolded to be 3D. If Eric doesn't have my kitchen pendants up by Halloween I am going to hang these.

Light up lanterns for only $1!

These cookies would be so cute in gift baskets. They had some other fun unique candy.

And the Dollar Tree's own version of a Funkin. They weren't as realistic as Funkins and had a bad seam but were a cute size and for $1 it would be fun for kids to try out.

If you are into the gory decorations they did have a lot of those. Plus paper plates & napkins that were adorable. Remember those honeycomb tissue paper decorations from elementary school? DT had a lot of really cute baby pumpkins, bats, ghosts, skeletons.


Rachel said...

I've had a hard time finding non-scary decorations. I'll have to check out The Dollar Tree! Love the little skeleton on your wreath. It looks great. :)

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Love it! It looks much better on your wreath than mine... cleaner looking. =)
I added a blurp to my post for readers to check your wreath out.

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