Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween TV

I love "cheese ball" shows as Eric calls them. The cheesier the better, I mean last week I made myself stay awake to see how Good Luck Charlie ended, I can watch Disney shows with the best of them.

So it is no surprise I like the show Melissa & Joey. It is pretty cheesy but it reminds me of the shows I use to love. You know the ones that were on TGIF when you were just a kidlet. The fact that it is filmed in front of a "live studio audience" makes it even better. I remember asking my dad what that meant and he said the audience was alive not dead.... Anyway Tuesday night marked ABC Family's 13 Days of Halloween so the Melissa & Joey episode was Halloween themed. Holiday themed shows are always my fav.
I got to thinking about my favorite old shows:

*The Cosby Show *Full House

*Family Matters *Step By Step

*Home Improvement *Growing Pains

*Fresh Prince *Sabrina The Teenage Witch

*Hangin' With Mr Cooper *Boy Meets World

*Perfect Strangers *Who's The Boss

*Hey Dude *Charles In Charge

*Dinosaurs *Alf

ok so no wonder my tv list is so long in my adult life.

I was looking around for some old episodes to watch online and found this list for 31 Classic TV episodes and here is another list. I remember the advertising for Halloween episodes and would get so happy. I wish that shows still did the holiday episodes up real big OR even better what if they would air the old holiday episodes that week instead of current shows!!!

Do you remember those shows? What were your favorites, I love hearing these things from others because I start to remember things I wouldn't have remembered. I think that Home Improvement always had great Halloween episodes and Roseanne wasn't a favorite for me but they did always have great Halloween episodes.

ps Another reason those shows are so great is they had theme songs. Most shows don't have that now and I love learning those songs

pss Angie Hocus Pocus comes on this week!!


Rachel said...

I LOVED Home Improvement. Even Wilson would dress up. :o)

Nikki said...

Oh Full House was my can't miss show.

Ben and Emily said...

I love old/cheesy shows too! I've seen every episode of The Cosby Show several times and can't get enough of it!

angie said...

i know! joe was watching the goonies last night and hocus pocus was coming on next but i fell asleep before it came on. i might have to dvr it:)

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