Monday, October 18, 2010

chloe beth visits auburn!

Saturday Eric's brother, sister in law and niece came to the Auburn vs Arkansas game and we had a blast! Uncle Eric went all our for our littlest convert. Chloe Beth is a half Alabama half Auburn but hopefully we pulled her a little more to the Auburn side after Saturday.

warning: Lots of pics and orange and blue ahead!

Eric knew the best spot to catch the band before they went into the stadium

After Eric (far right) let the eagle out of the cage

He brought us down on the field to get a picture. After seeing the eagle fly CB wasn't too sure about getting her picture with a huge bird!

Where's Waldo can you spot Eric and Aubie in all the orange and blue?!

Finally Aubie made his way to us. CB was so happy especially since Eric told her that Aubie was Hello Kitty's boyfriend.

Aubie let me give you a hug

Love this one of CB

The field looked the best I have ever seen it, or maybe I don't pay too much attention.

Yea we won!

Very exciting game for sure. Not sure how I managed to get Cam Newton sort of in focus as he almost knocked over Trooper Taylor, the bleachers were shaking people were cheering so loud!

I have been with Eric for 8 football seasons and this is the first time he has ever stopped by our tailgate, gotten me on the field or come home within 2 hours of the game being over. I am not sure but I think a certain 3 year old had something to do with it.

Note to self: get a 3 year old.


Rachel said...

lol...I love it! Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

You have another 3 year old ready to come down soon! Love the pics of CB! And love even more that Hello Kitty and Aubie are love birds!

Nikki said...

That eagle is HUGE!

How did you snap that photo? Looks like a bad fall!

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