Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloweekend!

Last night our town held its Downtown Trick or Treat where the stores give out candy. Since we live right down the street a little baby snail stopped by.

At first he was like what are these things on the top of my head

Then he realized he looked really cute

But then things got realllllllly cute when he started to crawl and we were able to see the snail costume in all its glory.

This baby is a big boy and so sweet! We have had a lot of fun this year playing with him and watching him grow (can't you tell by Eric's smile). Good thing they stopped by last night because I don't think his costume will fit come Sunday!

Have a great Halloween! We will be keeping with tradition and having chili Sunday night with mummy fingers.

look how clever - better homes & gardens

Random Halloween factoid one time my sisters and I were given a kitten instead of candy while trick or treating! We named him Casper!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


With the last project checked off the kitchen to do list I feel like I can add some fun touches to the kitchen. I have been wanting some "EAT" letters to go on our backsplash to add a little interest. I had originally wanted some fun vintage letters (there are tons on etsy) but didn't really want to shell out the money for something I may change my mind on.

So with a trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up my own letters. They are just the chipboard letters and I decided not to decorate them with scrapbook paper, just left them raw. I did put on a few coats of Modge Podge so if they did get wet it wouldn't make water spots.

Oh and I attached them to the wall with Command Strips. I didn't use the velcro ones, just the ones that are suppose to go with a picture hanger minus the picture hanger.

Never fear if chipboard isn't really your style there are still lots of cute options on etsy

old new again

I also love the letters in Jules' kitchen from Cougar Town. Love the whole house & Ellie's house too.

photo from entertainment weekly

Now I'm hungry...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weekend a day late

I know it is Tuesday but Monday I was too busy to update my weekend.

It started Saturday with the usual. Tailgating and the Auburn vs LSU game.

I saw this sign on my way to tailgate...


It was a beautiful day outside as well as inside Jordan Hare Stadium. The grass was extra green and mowed in my favorite pattern

But as the sun went down things just got sweeter. Auburn beat LSU and it was a very exciting game for sure. Since the game was over so early everyone went back to tailgate and hang out. If you look to the left in the picture you can see Samford Hall lit up in PINK and the beautiful moon on the right and all the fans having fun.

Since AU won, Toomer's was displaying Auburn's version of snow...

Then Sunday we drove to Tuscaloosa for my cousins' beautiful wedding. My nephews were the ringbearers. My oldest nephew said he wasn't sure if he was going to be an usher or a "pallbearer" haha. Luckily he wasn't that.

My sister had the tie I made monogrammed and I thought it was so cute.

The bride was beautiful of course, congrats Brook & Zack!

My family...

On the way home we stopped by Krispy Kreme because it would be illegal if we didn't. They had their adorable Halloween donuts and I got the pumpkin!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cutting Board Conditioner

I have a thing for cutting boards, I even got one from Santa when I was a kid. You would think with my whole countertop being one giant cutting board I would steer away from more wood in the kitchen, but nope. I found this pretty little guy a few weeks ago for $1.

It was a great size and I loved the darker/lighter wood stripes. But it did need a little love.

Honestly using someone else's cutting board gave me the heebie jeebies. So first up I bleached it. After it dried I sanded it and got the board cleaned up. With the bleach and sanding I feel a lot better about using it.

I did some research and found that the best thing to use to condition cutting boards is good ole mineral oil. I picked up a bottle for $1 at Target.

Just apply the mineral oil, let soak in and reapply. I applied 4 coats. And now you are good to go!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween TV

I love "cheese ball" shows as Eric calls them. The cheesier the better, I mean last week I made myself stay awake to see how Good Luck Charlie ended, I can watch Disney shows with the best of them.

So it is no surprise I like the show Melissa & Joey. It is pretty cheesy but it reminds me of the shows I use to love. You know the ones that were on TGIF when you were just a kidlet. The fact that it is filmed in front of a "live studio audience" makes it even better. I remember asking my dad what that meant and he said the audience was alive not dead.... Anyway Tuesday night marked ABC Family's 13 Days of Halloween so the Melissa & Joey episode was Halloween themed. Holiday themed shows are always my fav.
I got to thinking about my favorite old shows:

*The Cosby Show *Full House

*Family Matters *Step By Step

*Home Improvement *Growing Pains

*Fresh Prince *Sabrina The Teenage Witch

*Hangin' With Mr Cooper *Boy Meets World

*Perfect Strangers *Who's The Boss

*Hey Dude *Charles In Charge

*Dinosaurs *Alf

ok so no wonder my tv list is so long in my adult life.

I was looking around for some old episodes to watch online and found this list for 31 Classic TV episodes and here is another list. I remember the advertising for Halloween episodes and would get so happy. I wish that shows still did the holiday episodes up real big OR even better what if they would air the old holiday episodes that week instead of current shows!!!

Do you remember those shows? What were your favorites, I love hearing these things from others because I start to remember things I wouldn't have remembered. I think that Home Improvement always had great Halloween episodes and Roseanne wasn't a favorite for me but they did always have great Halloween episodes.

ps Another reason those shows are so great is they had theme songs. Most shows don't have that now and I love learning those songs

pss Angie Hocus Pocus comes on this week!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

chloe beth visits auburn!

Saturday Eric's brother, sister in law and niece came to the Auburn vs Arkansas game and we had a blast! Uncle Eric went all our for our littlest convert. Chloe Beth is a half Alabama half Auburn but hopefully we pulled her a little more to the Auburn side after Saturday.

warning: Lots of pics and orange and blue ahead!

Eric knew the best spot to catch the band before they went into the stadium

After Eric (far right) let the eagle out of the cage

He brought us down on the field to get a picture. After seeing the eagle fly CB wasn't too sure about getting her picture with a huge bird!

Where's Waldo can you spot Eric and Aubie in all the orange and blue?!

Finally Aubie made his way to us. CB was so happy especially since Eric told her that Aubie was Hello Kitty's boyfriend.

Aubie let me give you a hug

Love this one of CB

The field looked the best I have ever seen it, or maybe I don't pay too much attention.

Yea we won!

Very exciting game for sure. Not sure how I managed to get Cam Newton sort of in focus as he almost knocked over Trooper Taylor, the bleachers were shaking people were cheering so loud!

I have been with Eric for 8 football seasons and this is the first time he has ever stopped by our tailgate, gotten me on the field or come home within 2 hours of the game being over. I am not sure but I think a certain 3 year old had something to do with it.

Note to self: get a 3 year old.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

tree table base

In my town there is a house that the homeowners have been renovating all summer/fall. They did a pretty large addition & exterior renovation. I would really love to see the inside of the house! Hopefully they will have it on the holiday home tour, otherwise I will just have to do drive-bys at night to take a peak in the windows.
Anyway they apparently cut down a huge tree to have room for the renovation. This humongous chunk of tree has been sitting in their yard for months. I am sure they have a plan for it, if not I do.

Sorry bad picture but can't I do much better while driving down the road!

I think it would make a great outdoor table base. And look what I found in my inspiration folder Saturday....

I am obsessed!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ring pillow

My nephews are going to be in a wedding later this month and I was asked to make the ring bearer pillows as well as the tie for my oldest nephew (7) to wear.

I think they turned out super cute!!
Amy Butler Lotus Dots is one of my favorite fabrics. It is a great neutral and I think it worked out perfectly for the tie and pillows. The bride (my cousin) told me she was wanting a green dot, I suggested Lotus Dots Lime and it happened to be the exact fabric she was wanting. Most of the time all of my fabric knowledge is useless, but it paid off this time to have a brain made of fabric.
I made the tie using this free pattern from the purl bee. It was pretty quick for the most part and pretty easy. The hardest part was sewing up the back of the tie. I couldn't figure out the stitch they used so I pretty much used a slip stitch. It was hard keeping it even which I feel like being cut on the bias added to the difficulty because the fabric wanted to stretch. But what do I know, it was probably the stitch I used.
I enjoyed making the tie as it was a cheap custom option that could add a lot to a white shirt. I may try another tie but not cut on the bias and see how it works out.
Will report back...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday in 12 Pictures

I have seen several blogs do a 10 on 10 feature on a Saturday that falls on the 10th of the month. I decided I would do my version of it to record a Saturday with no football game. So here is my 11 hours in 12 pictures on 10/9/10.


Eric was out of caffeine so we took a walk to the corner store to get his morning Coke. ps -we wake up way too early.


Last picture of our old kitchen lights

9 -

One Saturday a month I have to work for a few hours and this was my Saturday

10 -

Organizing my "inspiration" folder, we should be closed on Saturdays

11- Watched this Jack Johnson video on youtube over and over. I guess my simple mind enjoys paint effects.

12 -

I love my subconscious. I have been wanting to paint our doors Urbane Bronze and had apparently liked the color in this photo. I had forgotten I had ever seen it painted, all the more reason to have a inspiration binder!


Off work and I get home to find our new lighting is up. I'm in love!


We take a trip to the local nursery to pick up pinestraw, love all the pumpkins


The nursery also has a petting zoo for the day. Love me some cute farm animals. Had to throw in this picture of the sweet baby donkey. 4 - Time to start making food for the football game - BLT rollups , don't worry I took a shower first. lol.


Worn out Claire Belle from chasing chipmunks all day

6-10 we watched the Auburn game and that is it. It was a lovely weekend having things to do but then nothing at all.

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