Friday, September 10, 2010

Wall Art

One of my friends was telling me yesterday about her daughter and the "wonderful" masterpieces she had colored on the walls in their home. I thought it was pretty funny and cute, probably because I don't have a kid at my house coloring on my walls. But isn't that what a Magic Eraser is for?
It did remind me of some wallpaper I had seen recently

You can draw, paint or color on the wallpaper and tack up photos or other special things in the "frames"

For another approach this wallpaper is quite cute

Did you display your mad art skills on the walls when you were a kid? Not sure if I did but I do remember my sisters and I epoxy gluing paper dolls and photos on our refrigerator when our mom was on the telephone.


Rachel said...

Cute wallpaper! I'll have to bookmark that for when Abby gets old enough to start coloring...on everything!

Angie said...

I remember gluing the pictures on the fridge and them staying there forever. I also remember taking a crayon and drawing lines all the way down the long wall of the hallway. Can't remember if you were in on that one with me or not...

Nikki said...

I would definitely let my kids do that. In their own rooms of course. We didn't draw a lot. Once we cute all the nude people out of my Mom's Paris Match magazines and made our own playboy mag. My parents were a little shocked.

paula said...

this would be fun.

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