Monday, September 20, 2010

TV Week!

As the days get shorter and my tan starts to fade it means that premiere week on tv is soon approaching. I've been waiting for this week since May. I cannot stand summer tv!

So this is how my TV week pans out.

How I Met Your Mother - one of my favs. I think they will show the mom this season. But regardless I just want to see her apartment again. Last season they showed it and it was AMAZING!
Rules Of Engagement
Two and a Half Men
Mike & Molly - I may stick around for this since it is on the same channel as our other Monday shows

Glee - Yesssssss!
Flipping Out

The Middle
Modern Family - I didn't think I would like this from the previews so we didn't start to watch Modern Family until mid season but it is one of the funniest and smartest shows I have ever seen. I am so tired of every marriage on tv being crappy and negative. This show is so great because it is funny but all of the marriages are the most realistic on tv: not perfect but still great. They love each other and dont run off to someone else. Another reason why this is a great show.

My Generation - This show is about people who graduated high school in 2000, me too, so I will check this show out. But it comes on the same time as Big Bang so I will probably catch it online.
Big Bang Theory - Another favorite show. It is so funny and if you aren't watching you are missing out!
Grey's Anatomy - Following since the beginning but they are so whiny now. So it is not a must see for me anymore.
Private Practice - I am tired of Addison being such a homewrecker

Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters - use to like but every marriage they have ever had on this show is so messed up. All they do is cheat on each other and show marriage in a negative way. And that family fights all the time. But Nora's house is awesome. If nothing else is on I will watch.
Mad Men - I just started watching this season. I would love to catch up on all of the past episodes but that would take like 6 years of my life. Don Draper outside of the NYCA last week - wowza!

Looking at that it seems like all we do is watch tv. But I am usually cleaning or sewing and Eric plays the guitar or studies his hunting land maps (that time of year too) while we watch. There are some funny shows on tv right now so happy they are back!


Rachel said...

I'm glad we aren't the only ones that watch a lot of tv! The dvr is set, and I am ready for some great tv! :o)

Nikki said...

I DVR a ton of shows, but tend to skip them. I decided I might not stick with Desperate Housewives this year. Sometimes you just have to give a few things up!

Red Gate Farm said...

When you put them all out there like that, in a list, it's well... kind of like having Twinkies or pork rinds in your shopping cart at the store, you kind of hope no one notices! :)

Really, DVR's are the best thing in the world. Now the shows I like, I can watch when I'm ready, not the TV Guide.

Enjoy all of your season premeires!

PS I never miss Survivor... it's my guilty please in life.

Gina said...

Mad Men past episodes ... get them from Netflix ... it will be worth your time! LOVE the series ... very good writing ... I cannot believe how our society has changed over a few decades. I actually watch TV episodes (~43 min long each) as I walk on the treadmill ... you can get 3 miles in and be entertained at the same time :O) Happy Autumn ... Gina

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