Friday, September 3, 2010

Tis The Season

for paint covered shoes

Eric painting Pat Dye Field at Jordan Hare Stadium

Some may say it is the best time of year to live in my town. Some days I agree, others it isn't so wonderful to have you town grow by 100,000 people each weekend. But for now lets get pumped!

Today is school colors day in Alabama. I had to wear my orange and blue, (and white pants one last time before Labor Day!) I keep my good navy and orange clothes separate from my others so I don't wear them during the year and get them faded.

And for those that care this outfit was a whopping $15, including the sandals ($5 kohls last weekend lots on sale) and sunglasses ($1 old navy). And it is a Banana Republic shirt ($1)!

This morning my nephew could wear his school Pirate jersey, his new
Mark Ingram jersey or his Auburn jersey and he chose Auburn!!! Yea there is hope for the future!

Ship that kid down here already and lets sign him up!!

Love these dresses Rachel found

War Eagle!!


Rachel said...

LOVE your outfit! I need you to be my personal shopper. $15?! That's my kind of shopping...I just never look that cute! ;o)

Nikki said...

Love those sandals! Wish we had a kohl's closer. Also wish I understood sports. Sadly I don't. When I was on the dance team in college I just cheered when the rest of the team did. Sad I know ;)

paula said...

Love the way you shop. I am also thinking I need more blue and orange in my wardrobe.

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