Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Ride

When I left for my parents house on Friday my car looked like this

Zeb my childhood dog still going strong at 12!

When I came back home on Sunday my car looked like this

I stopped on the way back home and bought a new car! I did it all by myself, no husband needed!!
I wasn't really sure what I wanted but it was mostly an Altima vs Volvo S80. In the end the Altima won because a lady at our pool drives the S80 and makes it look more like a "mature" car, the Altima gets better gas mileage and the interior was larger which is really a big deal on our 13 hour trips to Texas.

I get way too sentimental about cars. When I left the dealership I was all teary eyed seeing my car so sad and lonely. When I got my old car I looked like this.

That was 7 years ago, my last name was not the one I have now, I was in college, I had a dog named Zoe Jane (claire wasn't even born) and that baby is now 7! When my parents bought the car I had been dating my now husband for 5 months and I was in Texas meeting my now inlaws for the first time. I think I may cry now.

Eric always made fun of my car and its inability to start, but by keeping that car for so long it helped us to save money, pay off student loans, take a few trips, me get braces, and buy our 2 houses. So all those times that my car wouldn't crank was worth it, and it always decided to crank...eventually. Lets be honest I would still be driving it today but it was going to cost half of what it was worth to fix its problem.

I remember when my car hit 100,000 miles Eric and I were coming home from the grocery store and we drove around the block so we could see it hit 100k. It had 130,000 miles when I said good by Sunday night.


Rachel said...

Awesome! Congrats on the new car...I love it!
I will be the same way when I retire my little car. It was the first car I'd ever bought on my own. I'm literally going to drive it until the wheels fall off!

Red Gate Farm said...

Congrats on your car. I can relate to being little teary eyed. My first brand spanking new car was a Honda Prelude, all mine and I loved it. Then came my daughter, then my son. By then we didn't fit since car seats were much bigger in those days... I was sad to see it go. I'm in the market for a new car now. My almost 12 year old 4runner has 230,000 miles... it's been a great car and I KNOW I'll get teary eyed again.

Ben and Emily said...


I'm attached to my old car too! My mom was driving it when it hit 200k (Volvo's can last forever!) miles and when she told me, I nearly cried. Crazy.

Altima's are wonderful...enjoy that new car smell! :)

Lindsay said...

Love the Altima! I took my old car back home after buying the 4runner 2 years ago, and she is no longer running :(

I'm making my mother keep her at least until I can get home to say goodbye!

behind the fourth door said...

Exciting! But I understand the attachment to your old car. I was the same way with my old 'yota that had 210k miles on it. Could barely stand to see it go out of the driveway being driven by someone else.

Oh, and just a testiment to Altima's- my '00 Altima saved my life in a major car accident. Car was wrecked and I was able to walk away.

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