Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Fall Wreath

Well it is almost that time of year again, cooler days and nights so that means fall decorations! Although it is 96 today, lets just pretend ok.

This has been my fall wreath since 2005. I made it during the Auburn/Georgia football game and have loved using it every year.

But it has seen better days. At the old house we had a glass storm door so the wreath was protected. But in this house there is no glass door and it rained SO MUCH last fall that the pumpkins started to mildew. That and the fact that last winter a chipmunk took up residence in my summer shoe storage in the attic and besides eating my leather shoes he also thought styrofoam pumpkins were quite the treat, the wreath looks pretty bad.

This year I wanted something simple and quick. So I bought 1 1/2 yards of burlap and a wire wreath form yesterday to make something new.

It was really simple. I just cut the fabric into 2" strips

Then knotted the fabric around the wreath form. I just used the long strips to knot then cut off of them to save a step.
Since my wreath had 4 rings I used the outside 2, then middle 2, then inside 2 to tie knots. So each row had 3 strips. It just made the wreath a lot fuller.

Then hang. After I put it up I could tell where it needed to be shaped up.

That is it!

I had wanted to paint my front door orange for the fall but this is a much easier option and it looks great against the black. I chose the orange to pop against the black but of course regular burlap would look great. It also functions as my Auburn wreath woot woot!

Edit -I just updated him for Halloween by sparkly skeleton.

Here are some other great wreath ideas. My post is from last year so I'm not sure if the etsy shops are still open.


The Cosby's said...

What a neat idea! I love it! I have a baby shower at my house in October and could do this as the shower wreath for the mom-to-be. She doesn't know if it is a girl or boy so I could do multi pastel colors. What do you think?

Rachel said...

That is adorable!!! It looks so good against your black door. :o)

paula said...

you are so good...

Ben and Emily said...

Love it! May have to steal the idea too!

Red Gate Farm said...

Love this! And so inexpensive and simple too.


Karli @ RockyBella said...

Super Cute! I want to do the same now!

Nikki said...

Love it with the black door!

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