Thursday, September 9, 2010

Geauxing Away

Last night Supper Club + Spouses + Kids threw a surprise party for one of our very own. But it was a sad surprise party because it was a geauxing away party.


Heather's husband is going to work for the other Tigers. It is an amazing professional opportunity for him and for Heather to stay at home with sweet little Lilly, but we are sad. At least they are keeping it real in and staying in the SEC.

Even though it was a sad occasion, we had a great time getting to spend time with husbands and babies, usually it is just us girls.

Susan framed some special pictures of their house, Auburn, our group, and Jon's baseball team.

And one last shot.

Many plans for skyped Supper Clubs in the future. And she will still be keeping her hosting month, we will just all meet in New Orleans!!!!
**In case you aren't from these parts LSU writes GEAUX Tigers instead of Go Tigers, hence the "geauxing" away party!

Lilly being born was one of my first blog posts. Since this picture was taken Susan & Mandy had babies, Hannah is having baby G in January, Mary Kathryn became an Auburn fan ;), I got my braces off and grew my hair out, and baby Lilly isn't a baby and now has blond hair! So many changes and many more to come!

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Nikki said...

Seaux long! Wait...that probably doesn't make sense.

I see a trip in your future!

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