Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute Baby, Races, Mules, Hello Kitty

Friday I took off of work, that never happens! I was on my way home so I stopped and visited with my friend from college and her baby which is the most adorable baby ever!! I wish I could make him mine.

Look how sweet!! He is going to get a brother or sister in December, I hope it is a sister because his brother will have a lot of cuteness to live up to.

Saturday morning my sister, nephew and I ran in the Mule Day 1 Mile Fun Run. It was Brooks' first time to run in a race. He "beat" us.

Bear didn't run but had to get in the picture :)

So after the run we headed down to Mule Day which is a yearly festival in my home town.

It is all about the mules...

There is a very long parade of mules, horses, donkeys, wagons, tractors you get the idea.

The Darlings played in the parade

Look at the cute tiny horses!

If you don't have a horse you can ride a donkey

Move over mini cows because the alpacas were pretty cute!

Besides the parade there are tons arts and crafts booths. I didn't get any pictures but there were a lot of cute things. But the only thing I bought was a fried apple pie for Eric.
Brooks has to do the bungee jump thing every year and now Baron loves to jump too. Look how high he was!

Then Sunday my niece had her 3rd birthday party.

And guess who was at the party: The Real Hello Kitty!!!!

Baron said he didn't want to go to the party because Hello Kitty was for girls but he did like her and Chloe Beth was so happy!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Chloe Beth!!!


Rachel said...

I've always wanted to go to Mule Day in Winfield, but haven't made it down there.

LOVE the Hello Kitty birthday! :o)

bethanypaige2 said...

oh i remember coming to mule day and seeing you guys clog! and i'm pretty sure you were in the parade then too... if i had a picture i'd stick it on here!

angie said...

amos is so stinking cute! if they have a boy it could be like barney and james. and i can't believe they let baron go that high!

Ben and Emily said...

Mule day looks like fun! Your friends baby is ADORABLE! I can see why you'd want to permanently borrow him!

Bek* said...

ahhhhhhh! i love that baby! were y'all at mom and dad's house?

also, i love angie's comment about barney and james! i always think that!

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