Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Ride

When I left for my parents house on Friday my car looked like this

Zeb my childhood dog still going strong at 12!

When I came back home on Sunday my car looked like this

I stopped on the way back home and bought a new car! I did it all by myself, no husband needed!!
I wasn't really sure what I wanted but it was mostly an Altima vs Volvo S80. In the end the Altima won because a lady at our pool drives the S80 and makes it look more like a "mature" car, the Altima gets better gas mileage and the interior was larger which is really a big deal on our 13 hour trips to Texas.

I get way too sentimental about cars. When I left the dealership I was all teary eyed seeing my car so sad and lonely. When I got my old car I looked like this.

That was 7 years ago, my last name was not the one I have now, I was in college, I had a dog named Zoe Jane (claire wasn't even born) and that baby is now 7! When my parents bought the car I had been dating my now husband for 5 months and I was in Texas meeting my now inlaws for the first time. I think I may cry now.

Eric always made fun of my car and its inability to start, but by keeping that car for so long it helped us to save money, pay off student loans, take a few trips, me get braces, and buy our 2 houses. So all those times that my car wouldn't crank was worth it, and it always decided to crank...eventually. Lets be honest I would still be driving it today but it was going to cost half of what it was worth to fix its problem.

I remember when my car hit 100,000 miles Eric and I were coming home from the grocery store and we drove around the block so we could see it hit 100k. It had 130,000 miles when I said good by Sunday night.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute Baby, Races, Mules, Hello Kitty

Friday I took off of work, that never happens! I was on my way home so I stopped and visited with my friend from college and her baby which is the most adorable baby ever!! I wish I could make him mine.

Look how sweet!! He is going to get a brother or sister in December, I hope it is a sister because his brother will have a lot of cuteness to live up to.

Saturday morning my sister, nephew and I ran in the Mule Day 1 Mile Fun Run. It was Brooks' first time to run in a race. He "beat" us.

Bear didn't run but had to get in the picture :)

So after the run we headed down to Mule Day which is a yearly festival in my home town.

It is all about the mules...

There is a very long parade of mules, horses, donkeys, wagons, tractors you get the idea.

The Darlings played in the parade

Look at the cute tiny horses!

If you don't have a horse you can ride a donkey

Move over mini cows because the alpacas were pretty cute!

Besides the parade there are tons arts and crafts booths. I didn't get any pictures but there were a lot of cute things. But the only thing I bought was a fried apple pie for Eric.
Brooks has to do the bungee jump thing every year and now Baron loves to jump too. Look how high he was!

Then Sunday my niece had her 3rd birthday party.

And guess who was at the party: The Real Hello Kitty!!!!

Baron said he didn't want to go to the party because Hello Kitty was for girls but he did like her and Chloe Beth was so happy!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Chloe Beth!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

TV Week!

As the days get shorter and my tan starts to fade it means that premiere week on tv is soon approaching. I've been waiting for this week since May. I cannot stand summer tv!

So this is how my TV week pans out.

How I Met Your Mother - one of my favs. I think they will show the mom this season. But regardless I just want to see her apartment again. Last season they showed it and it was AMAZING!
Rules Of Engagement
Two and a Half Men
Mike & Molly - I may stick around for this since it is on the same channel as our other Monday shows

Glee - Yesssssss!
Flipping Out

The Middle
Modern Family - I didn't think I would like this from the previews so we didn't start to watch Modern Family until mid season but it is one of the funniest and smartest shows I have ever seen. I am so tired of every marriage on tv being crappy and negative. This show is so great because it is funny but all of the marriages are the most realistic on tv: not perfect but still great. They love each other and dont run off to someone else. Another reason why this is a great show.

My Generation - This show is about people who graduated high school in 2000, me too, so I will check this show out. But it comes on the same time as Big Bang so I will probably catch it online.
Big Bang Theory - Another favorite show. It is so funny and if you aren't watching you are missing out!
Grey's Anatomy - Following since the beginning but they are so whiny now. So it is not a must see for me anymore.
Private Practice - I am tired of Addison being such a homewrecker

Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters - use to like but every marriage they have ever had on this show is so messed up. All they do is cheat on each other and show marriage in a negative way. And that family fights all the time. But Nora's house is awesome. If nothing else is on I will watch.
Mad Men - I just started watching this season. I would love to catch up on all of the past episodes but that would take like 6 years of my life. Don Draper outside of the NYCA last week - wowza!

Looking at that it seems like all we do is watch tv. But I am usually cleaning or sewing and Eric plays the guitar or studies his hunting land maps (that time of year too) while we watch. There are some funny shows on tv right now so happy they are back!

Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY Light Ideas

Today while I was checking out One Pretty Thing I saw this cool light makeover.

I have the same style light in my dining room. I really wanted the Pottery Barn bell jar light but I didn't want to spend much on a light fixture. I am sort of already wanting something different but the only way I am getting rid of the current fixture is if someone buys my old one. I do love it but so does dust and if there is ever a moth or anything in the house well guess where it goes and guess where it dies. I can't believe I haven't already broken the glass jar part by taking it down and washing it. I am sure that day will come.

I googled some more light makeovers and found some good ones

If you are in Auburn at Lifesavers Thrift Lowe's donated a bunch of the light parts of this light (don't know the name) and just get a bowl. So easy and cheap!

Forever Cottage: Basket Lights

**all photos are from the mentioned blog
My "lighting designer" is coming into town this weekend so hopefully we will figure out the placements of my kitchen lighting.
Plus as I type our porch is getting another part of its makeover. We have done 6 tile jobs ourselves in 5 years of marriage but we are actually paying someone to do our porch tile. I am so excited not to be scrubbing grout out of my fingernails. Can't wait to get home and see how it looks!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Target Deals

Yesterday during lunch (aka the best time to do quick shopping) I stumbled on a gold mine at Target. 75% off Summer clearance!!!!!!

I bought all of this for $130!!

Since we don't have exterior electrical outlets I've had my eye on the solar string lights all summer. I almost bought them Wednesday but waited and I am glad I did they were only $5 each so I scooped up all they had. I also bought a 2 pack of spotlights for our pecan tree. They had all of their bug repellent clearanced $1 so I stocked up on it and some wood skewers. Eric was really pumped about the lawn treatment things apparently they were a great find. The $300 grill (not for me) was the biggest find at $75!!

So if you are needing anything from the outdoor Summer category go as fast as you can to Target.
Of course a sale isn't a sale if you buy something just because it is on sale when you don't need them. So nope I didn't buy everything. They still had several of the outdoor gazebos for $30 and umbrellas for $14, a copper fire pit for $20 (that one was hard to walk away from), flower pots and seat cushions for super cheap and other outdoor lights.

School supplies were also clearanced at 75%

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Fall Wreath

Well it is almost that time of year again, cooler days and nights so that means fall decorations! Although it is 96 today, lets just pretend ok.

This has been my fall wreath since 2005. I made it during the Auburn/Georgia football game and have loved using it every year.

But it has seen better days. At the old house we had a glass storm door so the wreath was protected. But in this house there is no glass door and it rained SO MUCH last fall that the pumpkins started to mildew. That and the fact that last winter a chipmunk took up residence in my summer shoe storage in the attic and besides eating my leather shoes he also thought styrofoam pumpkins were quite the treat, the wreath looks pretty bad.

This year I wanted something simple and quick. So I bought 1 1/2 yards of burlap and a wire wreath form yesterday to make something new.

It was really simple. I just cut the fabric into 2" strips

Then knotted the fabric around the wreath form. I just used the long strips to knot then cut off of them to save a step.
Since my wreath had 4 rings I used the outside 2, then middle 2, then inside 2 to tie knots. So each row had 3 strips. It just made the wreath a lot fuller.

Then hang. After I put it up I could tell where it needed to be shaped up.

That is it!

I had wanted to paint my front door orange for the fall but this is a much easier option and it looks great against the black. I chose the orange to pop against the black but of course regular burlap would look great. It also functions as my Auburn wreath woot woot!

Edit -I just updated him for Halloween by sparkly skeleton.

Here are some other great wreath ideas. My post is from last year so I'm not sure if the etsy shops are still open.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Over the weekend...

we went home to celebrate Bear Bear's (as he requests to be called) 3rd birthday

It was cowboy themed and Baron worked hard to grow out his moustache for the party
How cute is that cake?! The middle layer is cow print and the top layer is plaid. He was sad it said Baron instead of Bear Bear.

There were horse rides and Baron and Brooks both loved to ride the biggest horse

I think this was my first time to ride a horse. If not it was the first I remember.

After the party we went to my niece's house and played Play Doh and Barbies. Then we went to Car Lot BBQ for steak night, where else can you get a steak dinner for $6? I don't know.
Alabama played Penn State so of course we watched the game. There are a lot of Bammers in that neck of the woods and it is hard to get used to. The first time Brooks saw Joe Paterno he asked us "did y'all see that nerd coach" it was really funny but I guess he doesn't look like coaches now days.
Sunday we had a "mini Thanksgiving" at my parents' house. My cousins were in town from Colorado so we all got together. It was fun times had by all.
Baron is really into Toy Story so he said "To infimity and beyond" a million times and it was cute and funny every. single. time. He also kept saying "danger I'm strong" and singing Yellow Submarine by the Beetles.
All the cousins minus one got together for a family shot with my Nana then we were on our way back home.

I think it was one of the best weekends we have had in a long time. Claire slept for about 14 hours because she played so hard. It was a weekend you hate to see end but also feel like you did enough to be refreshed to start the work week. And that happens about once a year to never.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wall Art

One of my friends was telling me yesterday about her daughter and the "wonderful" masterpieces she had colored on the walls in their home. I thought it was pretty funny and cute, probably because I don't have a kid at my house coloring on my walls. But isn't that what a Magic Eraser is for?
It did remind me of some wallpaper I had seen recently

You can draw, paint or color on the wallpaper and tack up photos or other special things in the "frames"

For another approach this wallpaper is quite cute

Did you display your mad art skills on the walls when you were a kid? Not sure if I did but I do remember my sisters and I epoxy gluing paper dolls and photos on our refrigerator when our mom was on the telephone.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Geauxing Away

Last night Supper Club + Spouses + Kids threw a surprise party for one of our very own. But it was a sad surprise party because it was a geauxing away party.


Heather's husband is going to work for the other Tigers. It is an amazing professional opportunity for him and for Heather to stay at home with sweet little Lilly, but we are sad. At least they are keeping it real in and staying in the SEC.

Even though it was a sad occasion, we had a great time getting to spend time with husbands and babies, usually it is just us girls.

Susan framed some special pictures of their house, Auburn, our group, and Jon's baseball team.

And one last shot.

Many plans for skyped Supper Clubs in the future. And she will still be keeping her hosting month, we will just all meet in New Orleans!!!!
**In case you aren't from these parts LSU writes GEAUX Tigers instead of Go Tigers, hence the "geauxing" away party!

Lilly being born was one of my first blog posts. Since this picture was taken Susan & Mandy had babies, Hannah is having baby G in January, Mary Kathryn became an Auburn fan ;), I got my braces off and grew my hair out, and baby Lilly isn't a baby and now has blond hair! So many changes and many more to come!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Baron

It's your 3rd Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to our sweet little Bear Bear. He is celebrating with a fishing party at the lake, but next week we will go to his cowboy party.
I wish I could remember all the funny things he has said but I need to write them down. Wellllll (he always says that)Baron loves to spell his name and look for the letter B. At Christmas he was spelling his name out loud then asked my dad "how do you spell urizs name?". My Daddy spelled out Johnny and Baron repeated every letter. After they finished Baron was so excited because he learned how to spell my daddy's name and yelled "Poppy", he thought they spelled Poppy instead of Johnny. I know that isn't a funny story unless you can hear me tell it because it doesn't make sense but it was one of my favorite things Bear has ever said and I don't want to forget it. He also says your like urizs and says boat like boooooaaaat. So cute! Can't wait to see you grow!
love sissy

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tis The Season

for paint covered shoes

Eric painting Pat Dye Field at Jordan Hare Stadium

Some may say it is the best time of year to live in my town. Some days I agree, others it isn't so wonderful to have you town grow by 100,000 people each weekend. But for now lets get pumped!

Today is school colors day in Alabama. I had to wear my orange and blue, (and white pants one last time before Labor Day!) I keep my good navy and orange clothes separate from my others so I don't wear them during the year and get them faded.

And for those that care this outfit was a whopping $15, including the sandals ($5 kohls last weekend lots on sale) and sunglasses ($1 old navy). And it is a Banana Republic shirt ($1)!

This morning my nephew could wear his school Pirate jersey, his new
Mark Ingram jersey or his Auburn jersey and he chose Auburn!!! Yea there is hope for the future!

Ship that kid down here already and lets sign him up!!

Love these dresses Rachel found

War Eagle!!
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