Monday, August 16, 2010

Staining Matchstick Blinds

All of our windows in our house have the matchstick blinds. The 2" white blinds wouldn't fit our windows unless we outside mounted them plus the windows and casings are off white so they would have to be custom ordered $$$. I prefer inside mount blinds and not spending a lot of $$$, so lucky for us matchstick blinds are the popular thing right now.

The only problem is the wood has faded over the past year. All of our blinds stay in the same position all of the time, except our bedroom ones. I can't stand closed blinds. So the fact that they were 2 different colors due to the sun wasn't a big deal, you couldn't tell. But it was a big deal that they were ugly and had taken on an orangish tone.

Before as modeled by Claire

The darker is the original color and it faded to the lighter color.

I took my favorite painting/staining tool ever and stained them last weekend.

It didn't go as easily as I had planned. I thought I would just take them down run the stain across the blinds and be good to go. But it was a little more work. In some areas the stain went through the slats to the front blinds so I would have to wipe it off since I wasn't staining the fronts. Luckily it all pretty much came off so you can't tell.

And this is the after once again modeled by Claire Belle.

So much better. I used leftover exterior stain from the grill cabinet and adirondak chairs. It is UV protected so I am hoping it will prevent them from fading.
I still have the bedroom blinds to go and I may think about staining the front of the blinds. But I'm waiting until fall. 100 temp + 895% humidity didn't make this project any easier.

**Several people have asked me in the past about matchstick blinds. I really like mine but they aren't private. You can see through them during the day to the outside, but that means at night you can also see through them to the inside! Plus they are a raised or closed kind of blind. I keep mine half up in all of my rooms. I am really OCD about all of the front windows looking the same. The ones in the front bedroom are dummied (covered by our "curtain wall") so they stay half up as well all the time.
In the bathrooms and side windows in our bedroom I do have privacy liners. They do sell them, but I am cheap and particular so I made my own. I didn't want them to be white (didn't want them to stand out) so I just took brown broadcloth and hot glued little dots on the back of the blinds to attach it. Works great and blends in with the blinds. And I have removed the cloth when I switched some blinds around and since I used glue dots everything came off cleanly. I did have to cut it in strips so the rings on the back didn't get covered, it messes up the pull up or down system. Or you could cut little slats for the rings or if you are an overachiever you could do button holes for the rings. Hope that helps!


Nikki said...

I love matchstick blinds. I lost out when I voted for them. Can you talk to my husband for me?

Great idea staining them. I love those little paint edgers. I've painted a whole wall with them before!

Red Gate Farm said...

I agree with the inside mount... don't like blinds (of any kind) mounted "over the edge" of the window.

I do like matchstick blinds and this is a great upkeep or even update idea for people!

My daughter used to have them in her room and to solve the privacy issue we actually installed a cheap pull down, black out roller shade. She just left her matchstick blinds partway down like you do in some of your windows.


matchstick shades said...

I really love blogs on matchstick blinds. Its great to have them in a room. It is also its natural essence why designer picks them

Roselyn Withem said...

Matchstick blinds are one of my favorites! But we only put them in the kitchen 'coz I find them less attractive when put in the living room. I may have to look for other blinds for our living room, though.

Julie Napoli said...

I know this is an old post, but if you happen to see this, can you say where you got your blinds? I am super particular about blinds, but love yours! Thanks!

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