Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pioneer Woman Supper

Last week I got together with some friends for a Pioneer Woman's supper.

Everything was made using recipes from
The Pioneer Woman- from her cookbook and website for every part of our meal.

Ree was our honorary 6th guest.

For appetizers we had Hot Artichoke Dip and Holiday Bacon Appetizers

For the meal we BBQ Meatballs and Fresh Green Beans, One Way

Fresh Corn Casserole, Buttered Rosemary Rolls,

Crash Hot Potatoes

For our salad Elizabeth made PW's Homemade Ranch Dressing

Not pictured is our desserts which we had

Quick & Easy (and Yummy) Apple Tart

and Another Pie - Peanut Butter

So here is my plate. I wish I cooked this kind of food every night and was able to eat this kind of food everyday. But Pioneer Woman's recipes aren't known to be the healthiest out ones there. Everything was so delicious as were the left overs the next day.

Here is the low down

I wasn't crazy about the green beans (made by me), not cooked enough or enough flavor for me, but the next day they were perfect. The next time I make them I will do so the night before.

I accidentally used half & half in the corn instead of whipping cream, but it tasted perfect. Classic V cooking mistake.

The meat balls were so yummy. We never eat them so it was a great treat. I hope I can convince Eric to eat them so we can have them again soon.

Crash hot potatoes we eat pretty often at our house but Elizabeth used butter potatoes so they were extra yumms.

Rosemary rolls were a great treat as I try not to eat bread with my meals, especially slathered with warm melted butter. And they were refrigerated rolls not homemade!

The homemade ranch dressing was really creamy. It was nice to be able to taste fresh herbs, much better than the bottle stuff!

I am always a fan of artichoke dip so I ate the dip right up. Loved the bacon wrapped crackers as well!

The dessert was so good. I've never had peanut butter pie with such good crust. PB pie is definitely a favorite.

Loved the apple tart as well! It was just the right amount of sweetness with the fruit.


Rachel said...

How fun! My husband and I love making stuff from her cookbook! What a great way to sample a lot at one time. :o)

Nikki said...

Holy moly! What a great idea! I've always wondered about those bacon wrapped crackers. Yum!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Well it may not be the healthiest, but it sure does look good. What a feast you had. It really sounds like a fun time.

alanna rose said...

Looks so good! And what an excellent idea - I might have to do that with my girlfriends :)

Red Gate Farm said...

It all looks so yummy! I make a peanut butter pie. Very similar recipe except mine calls for real whip cream and also brown sugar. It too is fabulous.

Trip and Elizabeth Alexander said...

Enjoyed the post! Glad everyone could come. Let's do it again soon!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Everything looks and sounds delicious. What a fun way to get together with friends.

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