Friday, August 20, 2010

Martha Kitchens

This fall Martha Stewart will be selling cabinets & countertops at Home Depot. I'm not surprised her name is on EVERYTHING at Home Depot. I am excited about seeing her new line in person because her team is always cranking out something great.

I couldn't find pictures other that the ones she had on her blog, but they give an idea as the style she is going for.

So far I love it all. Colors, style everything!

Here is one of the kitchens finished in her cabinets, hardware and countertops. I love the little display area between the glass cabinets. And the vent hood cover sort of reminds me of ours with its boxy shape.

I love how they were able to use just a few inches of space and turn it into something so useful

I was able to find the hardware online at Home Depot. She has some great options with great prices.

Bedford Beehive Knob Love this one!!

Bedford Nickel Catch in nickel, polished nickel, and brass

This is one of my all time favorite styles and for half the price of Restoration Hardware's version

So there you have it. I haven't noticed anything being changed out at our Home Depot but will make sure to swing by the kitchen section next time we stop by HD, which I am sure will be within 1-3 days, that is usually our schedule for home improvement stores.


Red Gate Farm said...

I'd heard that Martha was coming out with "kitchens" for Home Depot but I hadn't seen anything yet. I'm a big Martha fan back from the days when she was on PBS and sold her stuff at Kmart... can't wait to see what else she has in store for Home Depot!

Nikki said...

Gah! Thank you for bringing this into my life. It will never be the same...

Rachel said...

Awesome! Wish they would've had the hardware in our local Home Depot before I bought mine a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, at least they have some great cabinets to choose from when we decide to replace ours. :o)

paula said...

no way. Cant wait to see more. Seems I need to make a HD run soon.

Sarah B. said...

I had no idea! Love that hardware! Excited to see more!

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