Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Angie!

Today is my sister's 27th birthday. Her husband was out of town for work last night so she stayed with us. We walked down to our favorite restaurant to celebrate the day she came to earth.

I really need to practice with my camera. I am really bad at all pictures, but especially low or no light situations.
The first picture turned out like this...

Adjust the ISO and shutter speed and I get this....

Ugh just give up and use the flash already, food still out of focus

Then we walked back home and baked cookies.
Eric had to go to the office to turn on the irrigation so we acted like it was a party for her.

Eric checking on every little divot after the scrimmage.

In just 23 days this will be the hottest spot in town. 50 yard line, center of the field.
The grass will be green by then and this spot will be painted orange and blue. And there will be 87,448+ more people there besides us.

As a party favor she got a Gatorade

Then we closed out the party by turning on the water and going home to eat our cookies!

Happy 27 Angie! Hope it is your best year yet!!


Rachel said...

I think it's great that you still made your sister's day so special. Hope she has a great birthday. :o)

Nikki said...

Gatorade party favors?! Awesome party, what a lucky girl ;)

I need to learn how to use my camera too.

Natalie said...

low light situations drive me crazy, too. i hate the flash.

and i am always so jealous when i see pics of you on the field!! so surreal

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