Friday, July 9, 2010


I've got nothing. For this to be a short week, it sure has seemed long.

So I will bore you will pictures from our 4th of July. We went to the lake as usual.

Bear Bear took us on a boat ride to see an incredibly cool house

This house is why some architects are awesome.
They took a lot that probably no one wanted. It was pretty much a rock and had a waterfall running through it.

It is essentially 2 different structures joined by an all glass room that is over the waterfall!!!!!

Because of my awesome photography skills and the fact that people were outside the house I didn't get a great picture, so you don't even get to understand its awesomeness.
Love the stone, wood roof, glass room with white furniture and stone walls and it has a rooftop deck over the glass room with a fireplace!!

Moving on... this house was nice but they had a really pretty stone retaining wall that probably cost as much as the house. Love the windows.

This was a nice house but the landscaping was puzzling me. It is perfectly landscaped to the sea wall which I am sure the water goes over in the spring, so I'm not sure what happens to the shrubs?

This house has been one of my favs for a few years. It is on top of a mountain so hard to get a pic of. If I built a lake house in Texas this is what it would look like. I love Texas houses built out of Austin Limestone and this looked really close to it. I would have really dark stained concrete floors throughout.

Sorry if you gave me this house I may have to turn it down. We are really fortunate to have a flat lake lot without steps so how do these people do it? I do see they have a lift so I guess that helps.

I'm sorry but this isn't a lake house. Plus see how they have perfectly landscaped part of the yard. What about the other side?

This house looked like it was going to fall over. It was built straight up on the sides.

I love this house

Another house that doesn't belong on the lake

So meanwhile Eric spent A LOT of time throwing the football to Claire & Brooks. Claire was in the water 35 of the 56 hours we were there. She has to get a new life jacket because she has worn hers out. What 17 lb dog does that?

Brooks learned how to water ski!!! Big deal in my family!
My dad skiied and Baron said it was "way cool man"

And we spent lots of time playing "motorboats" with Baron

In other news does anyone swim to burn calories?

We have joined a club in town that has a pool and at night after supper we have been swimming laps. It is lovely because we are the only ones at the pool and have lots of room to swim. But I'm not sure how many laps we need to be swimming. Other nights we run or walk at least a mile so I want it to equal that and from what I've been reading we would need to swim like 70 laps!! Is that true? If you swim what is your plan?


Natalie said...

yes some of those houses are awesome - some just look out of place. but OH how i wish i could go in some of those. beautiful!
happy friday :)

Rachel said...

I'm in LOVE with the first house!!

I love to swim for exercise. It's great cardio. When I log mine into Spark People, 15 minutes of swimming laps burns 172 calories. Does that help at all? lol.

Nikki said...

I love swimming laps because you don't sweat or overheat! I don't know how many calories it burns though.

Great house photos! I'll take any of them ;)

Have a good weekend!

Ben and Emily said...

Beautiful houses!! I agree, some are more suited for being on the lake than others!

Happy weekend!

Brakes and Gas said...

Swimming is my main workout. I try to swim for 25-45 minute three times a week. In that time I can cover 1100 to 2200 yards. (A lap pool is generally 25 yards). I like to alternate my workouts between the differnt strokes and I'll do shoulder presses on the pool deck to further tone my arms. IMO there is NO better cardiac workout than swimming. It is easy on your joints and bones and provides resistence and cardiac exersize. Good for you guys!

The Memoirs of Anastasia said...

I LOVE the first house! It's so unique and makes great use of the landscape!

Jennifer said...

oh girl, I have been inside that first house ... it is beyond beautiful and perfect! you would love it. supposed to be published this fall I think, I'll pass it along when I see it!

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