Friday, July 2, 2010

Ikea trip!

I am realllly hoping my boss will let us close early today because I am really wanting to run to Atlanta for a quick trip to IKEA.
Last week we celebrated our 5th anniversary and we always buy each other something that is related to the traditional wedding anniversary gift. Well 5 years is wood and it just so happens I want some new nightstands.

Ours are functional but were a nightmare to assemble so they were never put together right. Plus we are hoping to eventually get a dresser instead of a chest of drawers and we will need somewhere to put all of the things that are in the small chest of drawers when we move them out for a dresser.

Yes I know these new nightstands are in a hideous state but I can't find 2 other small chests that will fit in a certain amount of space. And these are real wood. Plus look at how they can be made beautiful

photo via flickr

I'm not really sure what I am going to do with them as far as finishing but I will come up with something. Plus the extra storage will be wonderful!

Then I am going to swing by the lighting section and pick up 2 of these lights to go in the kitchen.

For my birthday gift Eric said we could do new lighting in the kitchen. We currently have a track light system that is quiet ugly and pretty dark. I will hang 2 of these above the sink countertop and we will have recessed throughout the other areas in the kitchen.

IKEA is having a big sale so it would be awesome if these items were on sale but even without a sale $108 for 2 small dressers and 2 light fixtures is bank!
Anyone local? need me to pick something up for you at IKEA let me know!


bethanypaige2 said...

V! we went to ikea in salt lake a few weeks back (and filled our car up with a new kitchen and such) and i wanted those lights so much but decided i had to wait till i put my house back together before i could see what lights would work. but i LOVE them! you have great taste ;) -- besides, we are copying your butcher block countertops so be ready on standby for advice! enjoy ikea! they are building one in denver next year so we'll have one closer than 6 hours then. yay!

Rachel said...

So.freakin'.jealous!! I've never been to Ikea, but I need plan a trip ASAP!

Nikki said...

We're putting the same lights in our kitchen! I love Ikea. So affordable.

When I first saw your nightstand choice photo I thought of the exact same makeover. I think we could be best friends ;)

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