Monday, July 12, 2010

Grill Cabinet

Over the weekend Eric was able to build a cabinet to hide all this mess...

Isn't it great! It took about 2 hours for him to build and then I was able to stain it the same day.

So in order to hide the grills and other junk and to use up some of the random curtain rods I have I'm going to make a curtain to cover the bottom half of the table.

These are some of the fabrics I like, do you have a favorite?

Stripes would be railroaded- stripes would be horizontal instead of vertical {thanks Dr Potter}

Loving all of the great outdoor fabric designs!


Natalie said...

what a handy man you have - i actually love the first one best!

Nikki said...

Very handy! Can't wait to see what you pick. My pick would be the stripes or trellis!

Rachel said...

That looks great! I really LOVE the first one, but I tend to be drawn towards greens.

Roxie700 said...

I love fabric #6. Also when I need to make a curtain rod 'cheap' that is not going to show any way I make the rod out of conduit pipe. You can make a nice sturdy rod for less than $5.00.

That is a very nice cabinet that he built.

alanna rose said...

I'm into #6 too.
What a handy guy you've got!

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