Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biltmore Day 2

Ok this is my last post about our trip to the Biltmore.

Besides the house, the Biltmore has some beautiful gardens. On our 2nd day when we went back we tried to get to the gardens early since it was so hot.
But worth the heat, the gardens were beautiful!

I am sure they have an awesome water bill because their flowers looked a lot better than ours! Also this is random but everywhere is irrigated, even the grass on the side of the roads are irrigated!

Love me some coneflowers

and black eyed suzies!

There is also a newer part of the Biltmore called Archer Farms. On our way there we saw some turkeys, the only wildlife all day!

Archer Farms is mostly little shops as well as a winery.

In the back on top of the hill is the Biltmore Hotel. Next time we would love to stay there because there is so much to do on the Biltmore grounds. Fishing, hiking, biking, river stuff - you could keep busy all day without leaving the "campus".

Eric and his dream boat. One day...

Also at Archer Farms they have "renovated" the original stables. There are pioneer activities for children at the stables along with a petting zoo.

I am usually not a fan, farm animals are so cute and I wish I could have a mini cow soooooo bad, but I can't stand the smell. Surprisingly I went in this petting zoo.

This goat was so cute!

Huge horse, Bert.
Horses scare me so I was afraid to get too close

These sheep were so cute, they kept talking to everyone. We were missing our little Claire Belle, who looks so much like a lamb so I wanted to give the sheep a squeeze.

Lilly the goat was a crazy one

So that is the end of my trip. I am sure yall hope I never go anywhere again so you won't have to relive it on the blog! But I am really wanting to go to the beach one more time. Football season is already in full swing at my house so I won't see my husband until November because he will be working 24/7, anyone up for a beach trip?!


Rachel said...

I love the trip posts!

You have made me want to book a trip to the! Maybe one day soon. :o)

Nikki said...

I need a gardner...and a boat!

"Only goats on logs please" cracked me up. So natural. I need a sign like that for my kitchen.

paula said...

never been and wanting to go especially after seeing these!

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