Friday, July 30, 2010

This week on the internet,

I really like the look of zinc furniture, but it is pretty pricey. I would love to have a zinc table top - maybe one day

Restoration Hardware

I am finishing up some nightstands and I would have loved to do this zinc finish on them. But alas they are stained. But it is always easier to paint over stained furniture than having to strip paint to stain... hmm...

I've always wanted a pewterish finish on a baby crib, if I ever need a crib now I have a way to get a great finish.

photos from Freckled Laundry

Complete with the little nails!

I also saw this cute rug recently on Garnet Hill. Wish it had more colors but you could easily make something like it out of canvas.

And that is all I've got...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biltmore Day 2

Ok this is my last post about our trip to the Biltmore.

Besides the house, the Biltmore has some beautiful gardens. On our 2nd day when we went back we tried to get to the gardens early since it was so hot.
But worth the heat, the gardens were beautiful!

I am sure they have an awesome water bill because their flowers looked a lot better than ours! Also this is random but everywhere is irrigated, even the grass on the side of the roads are irrigated!

Love me some coneflowers

and black eyed suzies!

There is also a newer part of the Biltmore called Archer Farms. On our way there we saw some turkeys, the only wildlife all day!

Archer Farms is mostly little shops as well as a winery.

In the back on top of the hill is the Biltmore Hotel. Next time we would love to stay there because there is so much to do on the Biltmore grounds. Fishing, hiking, biking, river stuff - you could keep busy all day without leaving the "campus".

Eric and his dream boat. One day...

Also at Archer Farms they have "renovated" the original stables. There are pioneer activities for children at the stables along with a petting zoo.

I am usually not a fan, farm animals are so cute and I wish I could have a mini cow soooooo bad, but I can't stand the smell. Surprisingly I went in this petting zoo.

This goat was so cute!

Huge horse, Bert.
Horses scare me so I was afraid to get too close

These sheep were so cute, they kept talking to everyone. We were missing our little Claire Belle, who looks so much like a lamb so I wanted to give the sheep a squeeze.

Lilly the goat was a crazy one

So that is the end of my trip. I am sure yall hope I never go anywhere again so you won't have to relive it on the blog! But I am really wanting to go to the beach one more time. Football season is already in full swing at my house so I won't see my husband until November because he will be working 24/7, anyone up for a beach trip?!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Asheville: The Biltmore Estate

The main reason we went to Asheville was to visit the Biltmore Estate. It was built in the late 1890's and should be the 8th wonder of the world! It is amazing what they did with the house and landscaping of the Estate without modern tools.

George Vanderbilt planned on building a small summer home (6,500 sq ft) but it turned into 175,000 square feet!

They didn't allow cameras inside the house but it is amazing. Lots of detail but not in a overly tacky way, just a how did they do that kind of way. We saw a lot, but with 175,000 sq feet, there is so much more we didn't see and I want to know what it all looks like.

This house was built before modern tools, it took 6 years. Everything was carved by hand. And George decorated it himself.

The staircase is the area with all the windows. There was no external support for the stairs which were limestone, they were supported by the weight of the wall. I loved how there were little doors and juts on the stairs to rest and cool off.

All this carved by hand, blew me away. Acorns were the Vanderbilt family symbol.

There is a huge lawn in front of the house that we spent a lot of time on

Eric looks like he is propped up to a doll house!

Yes 2 days of the same pictures, we don't have kids so this is what all of our pictures look like!

Eric is cleaning a chimney

The forest behind Eric was planted to look natural since all the land around the house was stripped out farm land. I loved imagining what it was like only 100 years ago sitting on the porch after a daily formal lunch or tea.

We spent a whole day at the Biltmore and the next morning we back for a few hours. I am sure that is over kill for most people, but we love history and architecture and I love details and old homes so I needed to go back the next day to see the details one more time.
If you go you have to do the audio tour, otherwise you miss so much. We ate lunch at Deer Run Park which was very nice and quiet and it was great to get to sit down and cool off. The house obviously isn't air conditioned, but they have fans and the windows open for breezes so it wasn't too bad.
Hopefully we can go back again. I want to do the Behind the Scenes tour and Eric wants to do the Legacy of the Land tour.
There are so many questions I have about George Vanderbilt and the house so I am hoping I can start reading some books about them soon. And of course I will then have to visit again so I can see it all again with my new knowledge.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Asheville, NC

Last week Eric and I crossed another thing off our summer list: E & V vacation!

We took a little trip to Asheville North Carolina. It is only a 5 hour drive so it was the perfect place for a quick vacation.

While we were there Asheville's downtown was having a music festival,
Bele Chere. It made getting around downtown pretty much impossible so that was pretty annoying. We had planned on spending more time downtown, but Thursday night was the only time we spent there.

There were 2 places I wanted to eat while we were in Asheville, Tupelo Honey Cafe & Carmel's. THC was closed on Thursday but we did manage to make it to Carmel's for dinner on Thursday night. It was really yummy!

Besides going to the Biltmore Estate, Eric also wanted to go to Chimney Rock. The waterfall on one of the trails was in the remake of The Last of the Mohicans. It was only a 3/4 mile trail so I didn't think it would be any big deal. But it was on a mountain and I thought I would die!

It is usually in the low 80's but they had a record high of 92 the day we were there. We were use to 100+ temps last week at home (while I sat inside an air conditioned office all day and E slaved outside in the sun at work) but it was still hot while hiking with no water.

We finally made it to the waterfall and I wasn't that impressed. I thought it would be really big where you could walk under it, but it was pretty anyway and I am glad we went.

Eric was pretty happy!

I was pretty exhausted and hot!

And I was miserable wearing shorts, this is the only pair of non exercise shorts I own (bought just for this trip). The only shorts I wear are while I am exercising, otherwise I am much more comfortable in a dress.

See the snake swimming around? It was the only wildlife we saw that day!! Not even a squirrel. I guess it is use to people because it just swam all around the people cooling off in the creek, and the people didn't act scared of it!!

After we hiked back from the waterfall we went to the top of Chimney Rock. There was no way I was going to climb the trail so we took the elevator.

It was a great view and something we don't see where we live.

There was a lot more to do in the Chimney Rock community and Lake Lure. There is a small beach and parking spots all along the road so you can get in the river. White water rafting isn't that far away. But we didn't really plan that well so we didn't do anything else in that area. Hopefully we will be able to go back again and do a few more things.

What? You aren't bored yet looking at my vacation pictures? Well don't worry I will be back with hundreds more!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Freezer Strawberry Jam

Saturday I was able to check another thing off our summer list, I made Strawberry Jam. Kroger had strawberries for $1.50 a pound so I didn't feel like I was wasting a lot of money if it turned into a total flop.

Well it couldn't have been any easier. I used the
recipe inside the Shur-Jell box. Since it was freezer jam it was super easy, no boiling or canning so I guess I cheated a bit. There was a ton of sugar, {4 cups!} but inside the ball jar box it had a recipe for double fruit and only 1 1/2 cup sugar which I will probably try next time.

I froze 4 jars (freezer safe for 1 year) and we are eating the other jar and it is delicious!! I've been sneaking a few bites without any bread and it is so good.

The shelf life for the refrigerator jam is only 3 weeks, but I don't think that will be a problem considering Eric eats a PB&J for lunch everyday!

Strawberry Jam Recipe Here

Next time I want to use some cute glass jars, I used the plastic freezer safe this time.
There are tons of cute labels out there on the interwebs to use I'll print those out next time too.

(their photo)

Eat, Drink, Chic Jam Labels
(their photo)

Tons more labels on this site. This calendar one is a great idea for keeping track of freshness!

{their photo}

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fabric Sale! is having a Westminster Blowout Sale! I bought all of these fabrics below for only $2.49 a yard, regular $9.99 a yard.

I was getting really anxious when I was picking out my fabrics because yardages were disappearing before my eyes. I am wanting to make myself a quilt so I just threw some things together. I also stocked up on some other random prints.

I love Jennifer Paganelli and they had 2 of her lines on clearance. I bought all 14 yards (not including grill cover fabric) of this fabric for $34.86!!

14 yards for $34.86 people!

I also ordered my grill cabinet curtain fabric since my order was over $35, which means free shipping. I hope it works but the great thing about is their FREE return shipping!

Hurry check it out, fabric usually disappears pretty fast with these sales.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiles & Watches

Last week we got some new tile boards in at work. And I am LOVING this tile

It reminds me so much of this watch I've been wanting for a while now

But I am cheap and Target doesn't have the $15 version of this watch like they do the white one and plain white subway tile is a lot cheaper than the beautiful marble tile.
That is why I have white subway tile and the white Target watch.

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