Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is the first weekend since January that we don't have plans, work or obligations of some sort. After Eric having AU baseball 24/7 for the past few weeks I've got a major case of cabin fever. I am really wanting to make it down to the beach before the oil takes over, needing to go to Atlanta to pick up my kitchen lighting, and have a few things that need to be taken care of around the house now that my husband is back. But I really just want to go to the lake. We went over Memorial Day weekend and had a great time.

My family has had a cabin on the lake since the lake was made. It just stinks because we have to walk really far to the water, at least we can use the elevator to get to the ground floor.

Ok just kidding this is really our cabin. It is a tiny cabin that we cram a lot of people into. Like tiny and a lot of people with only 1 bathroom. But it works.

And the best part we don't have to walk far to the water!

Everyone loves watermelon at the lake. Just jump right in and rinse off

Claire decided to eat the fish on the hook but just really got the hook. I was in a panic. Look at Brooks' face. haha. Now it is funny, at the time not so much!

After girls ruling the lake there are finally some boys to fish with

Eric being a good uncle and trying to keep Claire away from the fish hook

Rhett the lab has nothing on Claire, she loves the water!

After throwing the ball 1,293,784 times to Claire Eric makes her work for him and catches a ride back to the dock

One of our summer goals is to visit the lake on weekends other than holidays. But it looks like this weekend won't be one of them. I suppose I will be slaving away in the 98 degree sun staining Adirondack chairs. Dreaming of jumping in the lake.


Nikki said...

That looks like a beautiful little cabin. I would definitely enjoy a weekend there!

Love the pictures of the kiddos with the watermelon and the swimming dogs. Looks like its a fun time for everyone!

paula said...

love the cabin. I would love to have one just like that one day.

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