Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Rug

After all I went through laying the brick floor in our kitchen I never thought I would cover an inch of it with a rug. But the other day I was at Kohl's and found these lovely ladies on sale.

Kohl's has a great return policy so I grabbed both rugs on the chance that one of them might add something to the kitchen. I liked both the brown and green but let Eric choose and he chose the brown.

Now lets see how long the rug stays looking this clean. I am sure tonight I will spill a whole can of black beans right on the rug. But it says machine washable so hopefully that is true.

Still need to take the tag off Minnie Pearl


Nikki said...

Love it! I need a new kitchen rug too. I have never been to a Kohls. Can you believe that?

Head Neatherer said...

I love that rug! Do you have pictures of your entire picture anywhere on your blog? I have never considered doing a brick floor but I would love to see it all together!

paula said...

I love it! I think I need to head to kohls!

Rachel said...

That's super cute!!!

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