Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Camera Bag

This was my old camera bag. Ugly but functional for me. Sometimes I have to carry my camera and my purse is too small to put it in so I always hope people don't think that I want to use this camera bag as a purse.

So last night I ran to GAP to return a few things and I saw this little purse

And thought it would be perfect to hold my camera when I just needed my camera, not the accessories to go with it. And my DSLR fit perfectly into the bag! It does have front compartments so I could carry my battery and cords if needed. Or I could fit my point and shoot camera and video camera (non existant) into this little bag.

Now it isn't padded so I don't plan to always use this purse to hold my camera but it will be perfect in some situations.
And best part is was on clearance for $7.99!

Ok now my old bag looks really ugly


Rachel said...

I love it!!

Nikki said...

Way more fashionable. Great idea!


Super cute! Much better than those bulky ugly camera bags. Men must design those things. I have a Tracy joy I use. It's great.

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