Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How You Can Help: Oil Spill

Just about every summer my whole entire life here on planet earth - 28 years I've taken a trip down to the Alabama or Florida coast. In less than 4 hours in the car I can have my toes in the most beautiful sugar white sand.

Me on the beach eating a banana.

Look at the beautiful water. The worst thing we have to worry about is seaweed, not nasty oil or tar balls.

I will be taking a trip to Florida in the near future to do my part. If I have to support the Gulf Coast by taking a trip and getting some sun, having fun family time, eating great sea food for a few days, then that is just the thoughtful woman that I am.

But if you can't go down to the Gulf Coast there are other ways to show your support. This little project is great opportunity for kids to get involved.

Craft Hope's newest project is collecting rags and soap to help organizations on the coast with the cleanup of animals affected by the BP oil spill. All the info you need is in this post, (faq's at the bottom of the post).

In the post it says that cotton, terrycloth, or knit would be great so I was planning on getting some old sheets from the thrift store to cut up. Yesterday when I went to the thrift store they had everything 1/2 off so I picked up some knit fabric for 50 cents! I was able to cut 30 10"x10" squares out of the fabric. Pretty good deal for a lot of rags.

Throw in a bottle of Dawn and you are finished!

(To keep from cutting for 2 hours I just folded the sheet in half and cut 10" strips then stacked those on top of each other and cut.)

My sister made rags with her kids out of their old towels. The kids were very excited to be able to help!

Brooks was the master cutter

Bear cleaned up the mess and stacked the rags in the window

Hollie sewed cute appliques on the rags - too cute for oil!

Hopefully someone will get things under control and our rags will just need to be used to clean windows!


Nikki said...

What a great way to participate! I think I'll do the same, I've been wondering how I can help...but honestly haven't tried very hard. That's the problem with people like me in these tragedies. They seem so far away and its easy to forget about.

I hope your little piece of paradise and all the animals who live there go untouched. Ah now I'm sad again.

Rachel said...

How cute were you in your little red swimsuit?!

Love what you guys did...this is great way for my family to get involved!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting the info about Craft Hope. I am sending towels and Dawn. An easy way for folks to get involved.

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