Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is soon approaching. If you are still looking for something to get your Dad keep reading. If not then have a nice day!

The Best Gift:
Eric received one for Christmas and we gave my Dad one for his birthday, the best tool ever:

They had both been talking about a tool like this they had seen on tv. I don't even remember the name of it but it was several hundred dollars. The Craftsman version is only $99.

I'm not sure about my dad, but Eric uses that thing all of the time.

He used the Multi Tool when he built our stove hood cover. The stove hood cover was an after thought so we already had molding around the areas where the hood would go. Instead of having to rip all of the molding out, he just cut what he didn't need.

The cap above the beadboard ran all the way under the cabinet, Eric just cut the molding with his tool.

When Eric put up gutters this area in the back of the house he used the tool again to cut the gutters. It made the process go much quicker.

When we installed the tile in our shower last spring we were in a huge hurry and didn't really know what do do about the fact that the bathtub wasn't level so our bottom row of tiles wasn't level with the tub. For the time being we just ran the tile level with the other tile and had a caulk line that varied in width.

When we had our tub reglazed Eric thought it would be the perfect time to take that bottom row of tile out and redo it where it is level with the tub and we don't have a big to tiny caulk line. Eric used the tool to cut through the grout leaving a clean line and an undamaged 2nd row of tile.

Those are just a few of the things that the Multi Tool has helped us out with. Even if we had only used it once on the stove hood cover it would have been worth the $99 in trouble.

Hope your special man agrees!


Nikki said...

Still loving that subway tile! We need to redo ours.

bethanypaige2 said...

so i'm thinking i've seen this tool on the tv AND in homedepot and have ached for it... i dont' think my dad would use it but i'm thinking i'll get it for scott even though he's not technically qualified for father's day... don't molly and jake count?!?

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