Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eric and I are trying to decide where to take a short vacation this summer. Our choices are :

Eric's brother is temporarily living in Farmington. Never been on my list of places to visit but it is really beautiful and different. In Farmington we can go hiking, white water rafting, take a train trip and visit some Native American museums and ruins.

It will cost quiet a bit more to fly out to NM and we will have to rent a car. But we won't have to pay for a hotel and our meals will be cheaper.



I have always wanted to go to Chicago. I want to stay in a hotel and ride a taxi in a big city. I want to go to Millennium Park, take an architectural boat tour, go to the top of the John Hancock building, eat lots of hot dogs and pizza, visit some museums, shop, go to Wrigley Field.

Chicago will be cheap on the flight but the hotel won't be. We aren't really fine food people, I could be happy eating pizza and hot dogs the whole trip, but 3 meals a day will add up.

So have you ever been to Chicago or Farmington? Which would you choose? Opinions please even if you have never been to either!


m @ Random Musings said...

We went to Chicago last thanksgiving and had a great time at the Art Institute - see pics @

Although NM sounds great, too. I've only been to Santa Fe.

Since it sounds like both are pretty active vacations, I would consider the weather (I don't do well with humid-hot, but am okay with dry-hot). And maybe how much of a change of pace from daily life each would be

Fawn said...

I lived in Chicago for 2 years. In fact I lived in Wrigleyville which, of course is the neighborhood near Wrigely Field. It is awesome! If you like wonderful thrift stores Wrigleyville is the place to go. You have to try Chicken Vesuvio. Mmmm, Mmmm. Get tickets to Oprah. They are free and it's a great experiance.

Nikki said...

New Mexico! Chicago will always be there...but chance to visit New Mexico while someone you know is there won't.

Don't listen to me though. I have a friend in Austrailia right now and I"m still pushing for Europe. Chicago would be awesome too. Especially for the hot dogs!

Jo said...

CHICAGO!!! I went a few years ago. Didn't want to but it ended up being one of my favorite places ever. Take the trolly tour. You can get on and off as you please. Navy Pier is great. Have a blast wherever you go.

Caroline said...

Go to Chicago!!! A couple of my friends and I went last summer and had a blast. We ended up getting a room at the Palmer House for $70 on some hotels website. It was a VERY nice hotel and close to all the touristy stuff!

Rachel said...

Hmmmm....tough choice! I've always wanted to go to Chicago so I guess that's what I would pick. :o)

Bek* said...

CHICAGO!!!!! we almost moved there we love it so much! i want to go back and see so much more!

Gina said...

New Mexico! When we lived in Denver, CO we had the opportunity to go to NM (Santa Fe) several times ... it was/is amazing! Not only is the terrain beautiful but the architecture is amazing. The food is divine, shopping in the square is nothing like you've experienced and the weather is perfect -- no humidity. You'll love it.
Note: thanks for posting a response to yesterday's post :O) What will I do w/the counter-top? Well, I wish I could do something decorative BUT that area is the "drop zone" in the kitchen ... so it will house the lap-top, charging station, phone system, ect. The trick will be to make it look amazingly organized 24/7/365! And by the way, you do not need a chin implant! The dry-erase board -- way too cute! I've got to make one ... I have the perfect frame to put it in :O)

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