Friday, June 18, 2010

DIY Dry Erase

A few weeks ago I saw a dry erase board made out of a picture frame. Not only was it cute but genius.

Sooo the other day a neighbor had this sitting out with their trash and I made it mine.

I took out the picture and glass and spray painted the frame using some leftover spray paint.

While the paint was drying I took a profile shot of Eric and he took one of me.

My orthodontist was right, I do need a chin implant!

Can you tell how excited Eric was to do this

Since I wanted this to be a totally FREE project I used wrapping paper as my background because it was what I had and it is easy to fold!

Just tape it up and done

Then I just printed out our "silhouettes" and cut them out of the end of the wrapping paper I didn't use to wrap the picture.

Tape those bad boys to the background, put in the glass and you are done.

They aren't hard to read like it seems in the photo, but it wouldn't hurt for me to get a fatter marker.
Oh and if you are serious about this project make sure to have the same focal length on your lens so one person's head doesn't appear ginormous to the other person!
we are babysitting tonight so that is why my chore involves a baby and daycare.

Total $ spent $0!
These would make the cutest gifts and they are soooo cheap and quick to make (I made mine during my lunch break)!


Rachel said...

That is adorable!! I love all of these great ideas...keep 'em coming! :o)

jo said...

You always have something inspiring to blog about :) love it!

Amy said...

What a cute idea! These would definitely be good gifts.

Jane Nettles and Bradley Robertson said...

You are so thrifty! Where do you come up with this stuff? Hope to see you Thursday!

paula said...

Love this!

I actually threw mine in the wash, it shrunk a bit but thats okay with me.

Joi said...

These are super cute!

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