Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Supper Club Picnic

Last month I was at work on a beautiful day looking out our huge windows thinking about all of the awesome things going on in the great little circle of Supper Club friends I have. New babies, new husbands, new houses, sold houses... I decided we all needed to get together and celebrate.

So Sunday night we got together for a family picnic/surprise baby shower/happy 1st mother's day/fun time.

One of the great things about living in a college town is all of the wonderful green space. To keep from making more work on someone by having it at their house we decided to have the picnic at the AU library. And because I am a genius awesome planner it is finals week so it was packed with students.

But as predicted as soon as the 26 old people and 9 kids arrived the students left!

Hannah busted out this awesome acid wash jacket, BUT it was all she had in the mini van

I told Parker to make a funny face and this is what I got!

AU Library lawn is a great place to get together with kids they can run all they want

Mandy with part of her surprise baby shower for Hunter

The girls living the life eating goldfish off a blanket

For some reason I love this picture. It just shows how far we have come. 9 kids and one on the way! We've grown so fast!

And we were the lame old people having a picnic at our alma mater. It is pretty funny to think about it now. The students probably thought we were so lame with husbands and kids, but if their life turns out half as good as ours in a few years, I think they will have made it.
I say we bring pizza next month!


Nikki said...

Fun! I love spontaneous picnics. They don't happen enough.

Cute little kids too! Love that redhead.

Hannah Dixon said...

It was so much fun!! I can't wait until next time!!

michelle b @ every little thing said...

supper clun looks like so much fun! can i come??! just found you thru rocky bella and i am going to follow you now, dude, how creepy does that sound?! hee hee! ok, i'm your newest on friendconnect...thats better :)

michelle b @ every little thing said...

and by clun, of course i mean club!

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