Thursday, May 13, 2010


Do you like for your house to smell clean?

Yeah me too.

ok Lets be friends.

I love this Citron Ginger countertop spray from Caldrea that Target now sells. It smells so fresh and clean that I could drink the stuff.

If someone wants to buy me a $5.99 birthday present then may I suggest the Caldrea Citron Ginger hand lotion. Located at my local Target on the end aisles (facing the pet stuff) near the kitchen section.

In case you need to know my b'day is in 20 days.

And speaking of birthdays I want to wish my homegirl Claire Belle a happy 6th birthday!!!

Here is to many more licks on the face to gross me out.

And for her special surprise we are taking her swimming today!!

Yes she has her very own life jacket. Homegirl loves to swim so when we are at the lake she wears it all the time. We look up and she is on the other side of the lake!


Hannah Dixon said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!

bethanypaige2 said...

Ha! Happy Bday Claire Bear! Hope her swimming adventure is fulfilling and oh so wonderful!
Love from Molly and Jakey!

Nikki said...

So cute. Happy Birthday to your little baby!

Rachel said...

Aww....Happy birthday, Claire!
I'll have to look for that spray...I love for my kitchen to smell clean. :o)

angie said...

happy birthday claire belle! have fun swimming and make sure your mommy or daddy dries your ears so you don't get swimmer's ear!
lou lou and big dog

Jo said...

I AM ALIVE! I always email ya back, no response!!!! Glad to know YOUR alive :) Happy b-day Claire, so cute. At least you can probably swim, I don't know how!!!!

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