Friday, May 14, 2010

My Table on Knock Off Wood

Last week I received an email from Ana at Knock Off Wood asking my permission to use photos of my dining room table because she was wanting to make a pattern of it to share with the world!

If you don't know what Knock Off Wood is you are missing out. It is a blog/website composed off knock off plans written by stay at home mom Ana. She is pretty much a genius! The best part is people submit their pictures and tips of the finished furniture so it makes it so much easier to build that perfect piece of furniture!

She has all of her plans categorized by price as well as skill level. Click her for her Plan Catalog

My favorite plans are

Michaelas Kitchen Island

Planked Headboard

Farmhouse Bed Canopy

Small Desktop - Modular Office Collection

Farmhouse Style Open Vanity - use with these sinks

Rustic Bench

Storage Bed - Daybed

See how she built my table here

It is a little different from the way my Dad built it.

Ana designed the table using a table frame for the support. My dad didn't do that. He just used the apron ends and another board for the support.

She used a stretcher going across the middle to keep the legs from moving. He used this diagonal board instead of the stretcher. He used the apron board to drill all of the holes so I wouldn't have exposed nails, but that may be cool on an outside table.

The smaller support is better than a stretcher in my situation because of my limited amount of space I need my chairs to slide in as far as they can. But I do like the look of a stretcher especially used with bench seating.

I'm not sure if you can really see it but he used a little wood peg on the "X" for support to cover up the screw hole.

I forgot to measure the table but it was built to fit into this room. I would have loved a bit more overhang but it just wasn't feasible. We can seat 4 people comfortably which was the goal and have had 2 sit at either end on several occasions and everyone got along just fine. No elbows in the food.

I've been asked about the table's stain color. After I sanded and used wood conditioner, I applied 2 coats of Minwax Special Walnut #224. It was leftover from our kitchen counter tops but it darker on the table. I still haven't gotten around to sealing the table yet or now as everyone can see the bottom of the table. But when I do seal it I am going to use satin wipe on poly.

EDIT: 4/2011 My table was featured in Better Homes & Gardens May 2011 Issue!


Nikki said...

I saw your table on her site! I didn't know your Dad had made it when I saw it on your blog. It looks awesome. I'm going to commission my Husband to build a couple things for our next house.

Hannah Dixon said...

You're such an over-achiever!! Congratulations girlie! I'm sooo jealous you're now friends with Anna!

bethanypaige2 said...

i love it, v. love. you and your pops did so so good. i remember when i first saw your pics way back i thought that i had never imagine a table like that, and then i imagined and saw more that you do and then met anna-knock-off-wood and wow. ya'll have changed my perspective entirely. so thanks!!

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