Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Brooks!

Today my nephew turns 7 years old, tear. I can't believe he is so old.
One of my favorite pictures

He just finished kindergarten and one of his assignments earlier in the year was to make a book about a family member. He chose my mom, his MeMe.

The book was about him and MeMe at the lake.

This picture is so awesome because Brooks was trying to use perspective when he was drawing it! On the left is my dad's red truck putting the boat in down the boat ramp that is to the left of the cabin. The cabin is that brown square and it is all brown in real life.

Brooks & MeMe are on the sea doo and they are wearing their life jackets. Behind them is the boat. Notice the lines to show that the boat and seadoo are on top of the water! He used blue green and a little brown for the lake water, just like it is in real life.

Who is always at the lake? My parents' Boston Terrier, Zeb. This is the best picture ever and everyone's favorite page.
How cute is that dog
Next is everyone else in our family that is at the lake. I love his attention to detail.
Eric & Sise (Sissy (me) love Eric's hair!
Poppy (my dad),
Nona (my grandmother we spell it Nana but actually he is spelling it the way it sounds) the picture looks just like her!

and MeMe
The next page is
GeGe ( Angie my sister )
Baron ( his brother )
Dadee ( Daddy )

the and!

Why do kids have grow up? And loose teeth and learn how to spell?
Brooks had a karate party and he got to cut the cake with a real sword
He also broke a piece of wood with his foot!
Take that Chuck E Cheese

And best of all he actually wanted his picture taken with me!


Rachel said...

Awww...I love his little book! What a wonderful keepsake. :)

bethanypaige2 said...

that book is awesome! aww... brooks and zeb.. it is crazy he is 7. i remember when he was so tiny i was afraid to pick him up.. happy birthday brooks!

Nikki said...

So cute. He looks like he could be yours!

Your Mom needs to frame that photo of Zeb.

Jo said...

way too cute! he is such a cute boy, my goodness. I know they do grow up way to fast. My nephew Logan just turned 8 in March, tear.

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