Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been spending all of my time working on high school reunion stuff and sewing an outfit for my niece.

But I did see this cute birdhouse and had to share. Almost too cute to put outside.

Speaking of birds and cute. This year we finally had some baby Blue Birds!! They were so cute and Eric was so excited and went to check on them every day. Well Sunday this is what he found instead

If you don't like snakes, don't scroll down!

This stupid thing. Eric looked in the birdhouse and saw a big black blob. He had to take the birdhouse apart to get the snake out, all 5 feet of him. He was upset all night thinking about the snake eating the birds so the next day he took the snake to work and cut him open and found our little birdies. We were hoping they had learned to fly before the snake got to them.

Ok last chance don't look if you hate snakes!

I HATE snakes. I've gotten better about them but if I had seen this one I would have probably peed in my pants, thrown up and passed out all at the same time. I think it is either time to move to a high rise loft or concrete in our whole back yard. Or our neighbors cut down their jungle yards.

Anyone have any good tips for keeping snakes out of your birdhouses or my yard for that matter? We are hoping the Blue Birds come back next spring and we are going to be ready to fight the snake!


m said...

Not sure whats more disturbing...the snake eating of birds or the beheaded snake


Rachel said...

Oh, no! How sad for those little blue birds. :o(

I would've been terrified if I had seen that snake. It's huge!!

The Cosby's said...

My biggest fear is snakes!! I about threw up seeing this picture and then thinking of what the evil thing did. I go crazy if Shaun stops to see what kind a dead one is in the road.

Bek* said...

oh no! that's so sad! and disgusting.

Nikki said...

OH MY GOD. I would have died. What the heck does he do that he can take the snake to work and cut it open?

Natalie said...

great baloney that is crazy! scary, and sad. poor birdies.

bethanypaige2 said...

he's huge! and he climbed up into the birdhouse... how. and why. i saw a snake years ago behind our condo in bham and from that day forward scott had to walk to dogs at night because i would imagine snakes everywhere. hate them...

jo said...

BIRDS!!!! OH MY WORD! How funny. I will post a few pictures of the birdies that are growing in our bushes!!!! tomorrow though :) how funny that you are having birdies hatchin' too. I was going to post it tonight, but i'm whopped. I mowed, swept... and raked. But i love yard work. But we were trimming our bushes and saw a nest and it had 2 baby birds in there and an egg!!!! Crazy about that snake, yuck. I HATE snakes, HATE!


paula said...

eek! not a fan of snakes. I never thought of them getting into bird houses, scary.

Anonymous said...

My father-in-law puts a pvc pipe that is bigger than the pole and it's pointing downward. Hope that makes sense. The pipe is about 2 feet long. It keeps the squirrels out, too. (can take a pic if you want one)

Hate snakes. Even the good ones. I say kill them and take names.

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