Monday, May 3, 2010

Birdie, Olive or Pepper's Room Part Deux

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I made up a room plan for my imaginary daughter? No, click here.

Well Friday while at the thrift store I noticed they had everything I needed to finish out the room!

They had this set of twin beds for only $15.99 each. Which would be perfect because word is I have friends that are considering the names Olive and Pepper so it looks like little Birdie would have an extra bed for her friends Olive and Pepper to stay in.

Take a paint brush to these babies and they would be perfect.

This chair would be perfect for a little reading spot. The funky green fabric was in perfect condition so I would leave it as it.
And this little side table tray would be great for the small space.

Eric has been in Texas since Thursday so he will be glad to know I have practiced self control and not purchased any of these items when he returns home today. Which is pretty shocking I love to buy furniture for future uses. But my sister's house is for sale along with her garage so I must restrain myself..


Nikki said...

What?! Go buy that bed and side table! I love them.

I need to come to your thrift store.

Kristen said...

Those beds are great. I need to go thrifting with you. I NEVER find such treasures!

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT! What thrift store in Auburn do you shop at?

Rachel said...

I LOVE the beds! What great finds.

paperkite said...

Love the chair! :)

Leah said...

Found your blog via the Lettered Cottage and had to comment, because our blogs have the same name!

paula said...

I pretty much want that bamboo bed, really I do.

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