Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Year Ago part deux

One year ago today we were saying hello to this house

today it looks like this - new landscaping and we moved our driveway

Azaleas in bloom!

Living Room on move in day

Living Room today

Our bedroom before

Yes we are evil and covered up windows, but the bed was blocking them so it was an ugly situation

Before we had this double opening to my closet, Eric drywalled it in to give us more wall space.

with the extra wall space

(the closet opens into the bathroom)

Breezeway before

And now

Hall bathroom before

And the bathroom now - new shower & floor tile, new sink/vanity, new lighting
{crooked picture, or actually the house is probably crooked}

Dining Room before

Dining Room today

Kitchen Before

And now - the room is so small I can't really get a good picture

Now that we have lived here for a year most of our projects are finished. But it hasn't always been fun, but don't they say after labor when you see your baby you forget all about the pain?
Inside really we just have to redo the lighting in the kitchen.

Outside we are going to be working on the side yard and back yard then I say we may be finished!


Nikki said...

Your house is beautiful. I love subway tile with dark grout, and your floors too! We have white tile in our bathroom, and I hear you about keeping it clean.

Also love your kitchen table! Seriously love it.

paula said...

you all did such a beautiful job. It truly is gorgeous.

Ben and Emily said...

I love all your "Afters"! Your house is beautiful and kudos to you for getting it all done in a year!


JoLynn said...

I love your transformations! Such a cute house you have. I love the light you have in your living looking for that same kind of thing...may I ask where you found it? Thanks!

Comeca Jones said...

I so enjoyed your blog I will be stopping by.What a happy accident!

Fawn said...

I have been loving your home.. I was wondering did you paint your kitchen cabinets or buy new?? LOVE the butcher block and your dining table is amazing!! (I found you off Knock off wood)

Anonymous said...

So I am loving all your afters. I like the paint colors throughout. What colors did you use for your kitchen and living room?? I love them!

Jenn said...

Love it! We are in the process of re-doing our house and I am dying to completely redo the landscaping in our front yard. What bushes did you plant in front of your house? said...

I love the silver trays on the walls. I love antique silver and collect it voraciously! Now I know what to do with them. p.s. I have black stain on my kitchen cabinets which looks awful and want to paint them cottage white. Are yours painted? Any suggestions? Your house looks so pretty!! Awesome job♥

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