Friday, April 2, 2010


This weekend is Easter peeps!!

A few years ago I saw this wreath out of Peeps. It was too late that year to make so I waited until Peeps were marked down to 10 cents a package and bought about 40 packs, no kidding. I never did anything with them, they just sat in a closet, as I was afraid they would melt in the attic. So finally this year I just used them in my apothecary jars.
I still have about 30 packs left so I may make that wreath someday.

Seven years ago when Eric & I started dating he bought me ornaments to put on an Easter tree. This is the first year we haven't put it out. It is really bothering me so I may pull them out and make a "Spring" tree.

Easter isn't about peeps or Easter trees, but about Jesus dying so we all can go to Heaven. I've seen several Resurrection Cookies but these are a little different. If I ever have kids, we will be making these at Easter.

And how cute are these! There is still time to make them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and remembers that Jesus died for you!

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Nikki said...

Cute peeps in a jar! Great idea. I like to think of all the crafty things I would do if I had children. Pretty sure they would be eating mac and cheese for lunch while I frosted delicate cupcakes ;) Happy Easter!

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