Monday, April 12, 2010

Angie's Wedding

My sister got married Saturday and there is a lot to show!
She had the wedding I think a lot of people want to have but don't. It was very intimate - family only. Our very wonderful and generous friend, Hannah let Angie use her home and back yard for the wedding. It was the perfect place and the perfect day.

The tables were kept very simple with candles and fresh dog wood branches. The only pop of color were the cloth napkins placed in each setting. I don't have a picture of those but they are being made into a quilt so I'll be sure to post the quilt when it is finished.

Angie had the guest table set up on the deck and we arranged the flowers Saturday morning while we were waiting to get our hair fixed. The azaleas are from Angie's yard.

And here is the bride...

And the rest of her dress!!

She went short, which was so her! Her something blue were her blue heels. HOT! My mom made her veil...Saturday morning!

Yesterday I asked Joe what he thought when he saw her short dress and he said the Guns N Roses music video for November Rain where the bride is wearing the short dress. Awesome!

Brooks took this picture of our family that is why Hollie's face isn't shown, short photographer.
A week before the wedding Hollie found our bridesmaids dresses. And they were white. My mom dyed them Thursday and they turned out to match everything perfectly!

Here is a picture of the wedding party. Sorry Joe your eyes are closed and it looks like mine are too, but this is the only one that I have.

Like I said it was family only so everyone was so comfortable and relaxed because they all knew each other. It was like we were having a big family dinner but there happened to be a wedding. Angie and Joe had the wedding set up with chairs to the left of the food tables. After the wedding, everyone just brought their chairs over to the food tables. Very casual.

We just kicked our shoes and hung out and danced in the back yard. The kids loved running and playing.

and jumping on the trampoline!

Saturday morning Angie climbed this tree and hung the lanterns above the cake. They looked really sweet once it got dark.

She took off her veil and wore the cute headband for the reception.

When Angie and Joe walked down the aisle everyone showered them with. There were a few cones left over so the kids loved pouring it all over them.

And that is it for now. Since these were taken with my camera I don't have very many but I will post more when she gets her professional pictures back. I know they are going to be awesome!

The celebration came to a close Sunday morning. I hosted a breakfast for all of our out of town family. I didn't get any pics but I'll have to post the recipes soon. They were good and best of all easy!


Nikki said...

Beautiful! So glad she wore a short dress because she has awesome legs! I love intimate weddings. Minimal stress, close friends and family. It's the way it should be. Congrats to your sister!

P.S. Brooks is one of my baby names because I think it gives the child a chance to either go prep or cowboy...not sure they could go rock n' roll though ;)

Jo said...

I LOVE IT!!!! How exciting. :) I love her dress as well. TOO cute!

paula said...

oh my, what a dream is right! so beautiful and sweet. love her short dress with blue heels.

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