Monday, March 15, 2010

Vanessa Holiday

Daylight Savings: A Vanessa Holiday

I saw this beautiful collage of daffodils and it made me smile.
And so does the fact that it will be daylight when I get home from work today!

We were happily surprised to see daffodils sprout up in our backyard this spring since we moved in after the bloom last spring.
But I can't bare to pick my own so off to the rental house across the street to get theirs.
(Don't worry he told me I could have them!)


Jo said...

LUCKY!!! That's awesome. I have tons of branches with awesome blooms in my backyard- Hence some posts on my blog with branches with pretty blooms :) I love it too!!

Maria said...

Thanks for the great link yesterday and I love this sunny dafodil post, can't wait for spring flowers to bloom!

paula said...

so pretty. I am so ready for the spring weather.

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