Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Treat

I have a to do list a mile long but that didn't stop me from making some St. Patrick's Day treats for my and Eric's coworkers. Since I am consumed with Paisley Jane orders right now, I've been making these since Monday squeezing in a step when I can.

The idea is from Bakerella. Monday I made my cake. I used a white box cake and added some green food dye

to make it look like this

I baked the cake and let it sit over night then yesterday I crumbled it up and added a can of icing mixing both together with my hands.

I put the cake/icing into the freezer to chill so I could roll into balls. I wish I had left it longer, but didn't have time so they turned out a little wonky.

Then I melted a package of white chocolate bark and rolled the cake balls in it to coat.
Eric sprinkled the shamrocks on.

I put them in the fridge overnight because I didn't have time to wait for them to set up and just packed them up this morning.

I wish I had dipped them 2x in the white chocolate that way it would be a total surprise when you bite in.

Usually I don't eat the treats I cook. I pretty much always overdose on the batter so by the time the sweet is ready, I'm over them. But I did try these, you know quality control, and they tasted like the Little Debbie Cakes that come in shapes for different holidays.

And that is it. Maybe with some practice mine will look more like Bakerella's cake balls. I am thinking of making some for Easter with different colors, how sweet would that be?

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Jo said...

How awesome!! That's too cute. I always forget to do some small treats for co-workers. Maybe cause... well nevermind. But anywho, you always have cute stuff up!!! And bright pictures. :) AND SO CREATIVE!

paula said...


Amy said...

What a cool recipe! I will definitely be making this one.

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