Friday, March 19, 2010

A Few Things

that have nothing to do with anything but I am going to post them anyway because this is my own cozy little space on the internets.

1. Target has a lot of their office type stuff 75% off right now. So I bought a few things. I've been making tons of notes lately and have a million little post its stuck to different notebooks. In college we had to keep notebooks but I can't remember what they were called, maybe inspiration journals? Anyway I hated that so the night before we were graded I would do a ton of sketches throw some paint samples in and tear out some magazine pages to get it finished.

So that was a really long story just to say that I've decided it would be best to keep a notebook with me. Right now it holds my daily to do list from last week to April 10, favorite fabrics, random websites, gift lists, photoshop directions (that one day I hope to have enough brain power to implement).
So all that to say at Target I bought a little notebook for $.48.

I also bought these 2 graph sketchbooks. They are really pretty faux snakeskin and I love to sketch things out on graph paper. They were only $1 for 2!

2. I've decided I'm not smart enough for the show Lost. I haven't watched it this year because it comes on at the same time as The Duggars. But Tuesday I was trapped in the living room with my glue gun while E was watching Lost. It is way over my head. A few seasons ago, Sawyer mentioned that he was originally from Jasper, AL. That freaked me out so bad. It is not too far from where I grew up and it is supposedly the "hitman capital". And if Sawyer was involved that could just be true. Plus how did the writers know that?!
We use to watch the show in bed with all of the lights off and at the end where it plays that music and LOST shows on the screen always scared me. Plus who walks around on an island alone. So I wouldn't even go to the bathroom by myself, Eric would have to go with me and it was about 5 feet from our room. And Tuesday night I had to go in the middle of the night but I fought the urge so I wouldn't have to wake Eric up to make him go with me.

3. Sunday I painted our bedroom. It is a whitish shade that I mixed up. It looks ok, growing on me, but now the trim looks terrible. I'm working up the muster to paint the trim. I'm thinking about going with a color several shades darker than the wall.
I am changing the bedding out, making some new shams as well as bringing in some of our old bedding. It makes me want to paint our night stands and wardrobe.
Since it smelled like paint fumes and I've lost most of my brain cells in the past year renovating our home we slept in the guest room. And we are still sleeping in there. When we first moved in, our bedroom needed some work but even after we had moved all of the furniture in we still stayed in the guest room for several weeks. Not sure what it is I think it is a little smaller than the room in our old house so it is more cozy? Eric said it is our staycation for Spring Break.

4. These are cute free download save the dates if anyone out there is getting married.

These are cute too

5. Isn't this frame pretty from black eyed susan on etsy.

6. I've enjoyed looking at party supplies at Plates and Napkins for the past several weeks. No party to plan but I still like the eye candy.

7. After thinking about my journal in college I went and dug one out of the attic. It is making me sort of nervous looking at all of the work we had to do.

And Natalie in case you are wondering you had to present flooring materials from ToMarket on March 16 2004 almost 6 years ago to the date! Elizabeth you had to present Edelman leather floor tiles and I had faux suede upholestry.


elizabeth said...

you are hilarious! your sketch is good! and why did you have written down what natalie and i had to do?

Natalie said...

hahaha that is great! oooo the "inspiration journals". i pulled one of mine out recently - the one from "history of the decorative arts" or whatever it was called. just a bunch of furniture sketches. way more interesting to me now than it was then.

vanessa said...

I had an assignment schedule and with it had what product everyone was assigned too. I really wish I had our sketches from our lighting class with Dena, Elizabeth and I called her Deuce. Those would be fun to look at now.

Bek* said...

you are so funny. and it's hilarious because the other night we were watching lost with some friends and we were talking about wedding dress shopping and i said "speaking of jasper, you know that's where sawyer is supposed to be from"...#1 place to go for a wedding dress, used car or hitman

Anonymous said...

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