Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dining Room

updated 4/2011

Featured in Better Homes & Gardens May 2011 Issue

When we bought our house I was so excited to have a dining room. We love to use ours it makes me feel "fancy" eating in a dining room everyday.

Here is how it looked when we bought the house.

And now it looks like this

(March 2010)

After my new rug April 2011

My daddy made our table for my birthday. I wanted a picnic x base table and that is what he built.

We are pretty casual people. I wanted something that would be durable and hold up to daily meals as well as daily life. I love not having to worry about scratches and just being able to enjoy our table and did I mention my dad made it.

The chairs were a craigslist find via a want ad I placed. I painted them the same color as our tv cabinet, BM Hampshire Gray HC-101. I haven't found the perfect fabric for the cushions so until then I just covered them in unbleached cotton.

The rug is West Elm Jute Boucle Rug in Platinum. It was brought by Better Homes & Gardens when they came to take a photo from the "I Did It" story. I liked it so I bought it from them, and now I have a cool rug story to go along with it.

I bought my china cabinet off of craiglsit for $50. It is a perfect size for a small room. I thought it may be a little too Art Deco but I think it works just fine. One day it will need some work but for now Eric added some shelves to hold all of my fine china.

I am always playing with the accessories on top of my china cabinet. We have some beautiful flowering shrubs in the spring and I love being able to take advantage of the free flowers.

I bought the bird print at the thrift store and just left it in the frame. The pewter plates were only $1 each! I used the disc plate hangers on them. I couldn't get them to stay so I used some gorilla glue on the back and well they haven't fallen yet.

This little cabinet was once a dresser in its former life. But I rescued it from the side of the road and had Eric add shelves so it can hold my milk glass and china serving pieces. My favorite milk glass are the hobnail pieces and my birthday is June 2nd in case anyone has homeless milk glass they want to send my way! The topiary is from Crate Barrel.

Last fall I sent out a desperate cry for help with my curtain fabric. I left the two candidates draped up while we had tailgate party before a rainy AU/West Virginia football game and all 25 people voted the bird fabric. I still sort of wonder if I made the right decision but it is growing on me. Maybe with a beefier curtain rod I will love it.

(The fabric no longer shows up on fabric.com com but here is the fabric, Golding Cantata-Chocolate just 2x the price.)

The light fixture was the only thing we changed in the room. I was really wanting a bell jar fixture and this one was the cheapest one I could find. I would have loved to have 2 lamps over my table but I have only have one.

You may have noticed I have a wall of white plates. There are a few ironstone pieces mixed in with just white. I had collected these plates for a year before we moved into the house, I was dreaming of a wall full of white plates.

Of course I was unlucky blessed enough to have a concrete block and plaster home. Eric wasn't comfortable putting that many nails in the wall, plus you can't just put a nail in a concrete block, so I used command strips. We have been awoken several times during the night to plates falling so we have used nails on a few to hold the plates up. We are just waiting for the wall to crumble from broken plaster.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our dining room, aka the plate room. Lots of good memories have been made in this room and hopefully many more are to come.

We usually eat around 5:30 so I'll set an extra place for you.

To see how Ana at Knock Off Wood built my table click here

For more info on how my Dad built my table click here

For wall color info click here


Maria said...

just stumbled upon your blog through twoellie! your dining room is just beautiful! especially love the curtains, table, and chairs! great styling too!

paula said...

It's beautiful. love the table.

Mrs. D said...

Love it! Simple and elegant. I especially love your dining room table-- I wonder if my dad could make one!

Jo said...

V-Gorgeous as always. I love the overexposure shot, I think it makes it a happy place :) I like the white plate wall. I can't wait until we buy our home.. we haven't bought our first yet. We are renting from my parents' friends house. Which its cute but I want hard wood floors SOOO BAD!!!! So we can't wait for that to happen when we buy :) THanks for sharing your oh-so-goodness dining room!

{Amanda} said...

What a beautiful dining room- you did a great job with your thrift & craigslist finds! I like how you put everything together & that dresser cabinet is awesome! {I collect both hobnail & ironstone too!}

kristenly said...

your dining room is really beautiful. you've given me a lot of inspiration. thank you!

katty said...

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I think those houses are very wonderful. I am really interested now because they are very wide and beautiful.

Jacqueline said...

Your dining room is gorgeous! I just saw it in the BHG mag...congrats!

Larry said...

Very nice table...are there plans available for it?

vanessa said...

Thanks everyone!!

Larry-I don't have plans for the table, we just winged it. But if you click the links at the bottom of the post it will take you to knock off plans for the table.

PicturePerfectPixies said...

Saw you in the magazine! Thought I should look you up....didn't. Followed a link over to your blog. Fell in love with your counter tops! Bounced around some more on your blog. Thought ...crap....that is that girl from BHG. This was meant to be. Your newest follower!

Decorating Spaces said...

I've been saving all of my favorite BHG I Did It!'s. Your's is one of my very favorites! Today I thought I would see if you have a blog, too, and was so excited to find you did have one! I posted about your project and decided to try and enter myself. It should be a fun experience waiting to see if I ever win. Thanks for sharing your projects! I will definitely spend some time looking at all of your posts - sorry, I'm rambling! So glad I found you!

ellie said...

Wow you did a fantastic job in your dining room I love all the colors and your dad did a beautiful job on your table..

Katelyn Foutch said...

we just bought our first house and I have been searching for wall colors. I love your wall color! and congratulations on being in BHG! I would defiantly appreciate if you could email me the color! Thank you!

Miss Chelsea said...

I did the plates & command strip trick, with the same results. Thankfully I don't have plaster walls so I was able to nail... but PHEW there is nothing scarier than being awoken to crashing dishes!!

Shannon said...

Do you happen to know what stain you used on the table - I just love the look of it and am awful at picking out stains!

erickaleigh2 said...

what did you want ad for the chairs say? I'm looking for chairs to refinish but my search on craigslist isn't going so well! Thanks!

Better homes said...

Thanks for sharing great information on dining room table for better homes.

Leslie said...

I just found your blog, too! Great job! Do you remember the all paint color?

Leslie said...

"Wall" paint color, not "all"!

Home Stars said...

What a beautiful dining room table. I love it!
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