Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sips N Strokes

Last weekend my sister had 2 wedding parties so my mom and other sister came into town for the events. Saturday night we went to Sips N Strokes to paint our own Van Gogh's Blossoming Almond Tree.

It was fun seeing how different everyone's looked.

This was after the branches went on.

It was almost 11 pm here, we all just look awesome and refreshed and not like we are about to pass out any minute after an action packed day.
All of us with our finished paintings. They are all so different! If you separated them ask asked which one went with what person I could tell you who's was who's just because they reflect us.

I was really frustrated because I thought I took forever shading, but now that it is dry you can barely tell I shaded it at all! Plus a Van Gogh it is not. I am sure he didn't paint his in a couple of hours and I'm no Van Gogh.

Anyway it was a really fun time had by all and something different. I'm sure I'll be back.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Hollie

Happy 30th Birthday to my sister!!

This is what happens when you live in a small town and a crazy person knows it is your birthday!

Hollie at her favorite place - the beach

feeding me a bottle

Hollie got an embroidery/sewing machine for her birthday!!! Can't wait to see all of the cute things she comes up with. To get her started I found her some cute appliques

all of these appliques are from planet applique

Jack Russell Terrier if she left the body spot off it would look just like Claire Belle

Triceratops Applique

Hope 30 is your best year yet!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog issues

Today I actually have something to blog about.

But I can't because blogger won't show any pictures. I can load them, but they don't show up. Also the pictures in past posts aren't showing, only red Xs.

Anyone know why or how I can fix it?

**Edit - I just read that blogger is having some formatting issues today, hopefully they will be fixed soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Party Dress

I think I've mentioned the website One Pretty Thing several times, I hope you check it out everyday. If you don't go check it out. It is updated several times a day with all things crafty, DIY and creative on the internet.

The Party Dress was one of the featured ideas one day last month. I clicked over to their website and enjoyed looking through tons of posts. They have the most amazing pictures

They have great inspiration boards for any type of party

Puppy Party

Rustic Cocktail Party

Tomato Fest Dinner Party - great way to use up all of those home grown tomatoes in the summer

Housewarming Party

Lakeside Party - love the chalkboard used as a serving piece

They also have great pictures of food that make you really hungry

how cute!

I am really needing pesto for lunch, like pesto only, love it good stuff!

Other great party blogs I read
Hostess With The Mostess

Party Perfect

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Few Things

that have nothing to do with anything but I am going to post them anyway because this is my own cozy little space on the internets.

1. Target has a lot of their office type stuff 75% off right now. So I bought a few things. I've been making tons of notes lately and have a million little post its stuck to different notebooks. In college we had to keep notebooks but I can't remember what they were called, maybe inspiration journals? Anyway I hated that so the night before we were graded I would do a ton of sketches throw some paint samples in and tear out some magazine pages to get it finished.

So that was a really long story just to say that I've decided it would be best to keep a notebook with me. Right now it holds my daily to do list from last week to April 10, favorite fabrics, random websites, gift lists, photoshop directions (that one day I hope to have enough brain power to implement).
So all that to say at Target I bought a little notebook for $.48.

I also bought these 2 graph sketchbooks. They are really pretty faux snakeskin and I love to sketch things out on graph paper. They were only $1 for 2!

2. I've decided I'm not smart enough for the show Lost. I haven't watched it this year because it comes on at the same time as The Duggars. But Tuesday I was trapped in the living room with my glue gun while E was watching Lost. It is way over my head. A few seasons ago, Sawyer mentioned that he was originally from Jasper, AL. That freaked me out so bad. It is not too far from where I grew up and it is supposedly the "hitman capital". And if Sawyer was involved that could just be true. Plus how did the writers know that?!
We use to watch the show in bed with all of the lights off and at the end where it plays that music and LOST shows on the screen always scared me. Plus who walks around on an island alone. So I wouldn't even go to the bathroom by myself, Eric would have to go with me and it was about 5 feet from our room. And Tuesday night I had to go in the middle of the night but I fought the urge so I wouldn't have to wake Eric up to make him go with me.

3. Sunday I painted our bedroom. It is a whitish shade that I mixed up. It looks ok, growing on me, but now the trim looks terrible. I'm working up the muster to paint the trim. I'm thinking about going with a color several shades darker than the wall.
I am changing the bedding out, making some new shams as well as bringing in some of our old bedding. It makes me want to paint our night stands and wardrobe.
Since it smelled like paint fumes and I've lost most of my brain cells in the past year renovating our home we slept in the guest room. And we are still sleeping in there. When we first moved in, our bedroom needed some work but even after we had moved all of the furniture in we still stayed in the guest room for several weeks. Not sure what it is I think it is a little smaller than the room in our old house so it is more cozy? Eric said it is our staycation for Spring Break.

4. These are cute free download save the dates if anyone out there is getting married.

These are cute too

5. Isn't this frame pretty from black eyed susan on etsy.

6. I've enjoyed looking at party supplies at Plates and Napkins for the past several weeks. No party to plan but I still like the eye candy.

7. After thinking about my journal in college I went and dug one out of the attic. It is making me sort of nervous looking at all of the work we had to do.

And Natalie in case you are wondering you had to present flooring materials from ToMarket on March 16 2004 almost 6 years ago to the date! Elizabeth you had to present Edelman leather floor tiles and I had faux suede upholestry.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Treat

I have a to do list a mile long but that didn't stop me from making some St. Patrick's Day treats for my and Eric's coworkers. Since I am consumed with Paisley Jane orders right now, I've been making these since Monday squeezing in a step when I can.

The idea is from Bakerella. Monday I made my cake. I used a white box cake and added some green food dye

to make it look like this

I baked the cake and let it sit over night then yesterday I crumbled it up and added a can of icing mixing both together with my hands.

I put the cake/icing into the freezer to chill so I could roll into balls. I wish I had left it longer, but didn't have time so they turned out a little wonky.

Then I melted a package of white chocolate bark and rolled the cake balls in it to coat.
Eric sprinkled the shamrocks on.

I put them in the fridge overnight because I didn't have time to wait for them to set up and just packed them up this morning.

I wish I had dipped them 2x in the white chocolate that way it would be a total surprise when you bite in.

Usually I don't eat the treats I cook. I pretty much always overdose on the batter so by the time the sweet is ready, I'm over them. But I did try these, you know quality control, and they tasted like the Little Debbie Cakes that come in shapes for different holidays.

And that is it. Maybe with some practice mine will look more like Bakerella's cake balls. I am thinking of making some for Easter with different colors, how sweet would that be?

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vanessa Holiday

Daylight Savings: A Vanessa Holiday

I saw this beautiful collage of daffodils and it made me smile.
And so does the fact that it will be daylight when I get home from work today!

We were happily surprised to see daffodils sprout up in our backyard this spring since we moved in after the bloom last spring.
But I can't bare to pick my own so off to the rental house across the street to get theirs.
(Don't worry he told me I could have them!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eric's Article

This winter's volume of Tiger Roar featured an Above & Beyond article about Eric. I pretty sure 99% of you don't get the magazine in the mail, as you have to give to Tigers Unlimited to receive it.
Some weeks Eric pulls 80 hours so I am glad he was recognized by his employer for all of the hard work he puts in.

Click on the photo to read the article.

In case you are wondering, he is sitting on a paint machine.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bathroom Dilema

For the past year I've been getting ready in a bathroom that has one light bulb. One light bulb people. So if you ever see me and my makeup is 10 shades the wrong way, well that is why. I have been wanting to get a new fixture for the past year, but haven't really found anything I love. The ceilings are about 11' tall so I wanted something to hang down since I have the space.

I bought this light fixture for $4.99 last week.
More than one light - check
Hang down light - check
No old wires per Eric - check
Works - check
Under $10 - check
While I really love the color, you just can't get that vintage charm with a fresh coat of spray paint, I'm not sure that the yellow will work. The walls are the same color as the brick in the picture. The floors are well we really don't know what. Honestly they look like black soapstone.

The yellow definitely doesn't work with the shower curtain I have now. While I still love that shower curtain it is almost 5 years old, so I don't feel bad about moving on. The bathroom doesn't open up to our bedroom so I don't feel bad about it not matching our room.
So I've been looking at shower curtains and here are a few of the top contenders:
{Eric doesn't use this bathroom because of the bad lighting, so I'm not worried about it being too feminine.}
I could keep the yellow with this one or paint the fixture magenta or teal which would be cool. But I'm not sure if this one is really "me"

Shakira Shower Curtain

I would have to see this one in person to see if it would still work with the yellow (doubtful) but it does feel more "me"

Home Paisley Shower Curtain

I've loved this shower curtain for a long time. But we have a mostly white hall bath so I'm not sure I want to have another white shower curtain.

Rock the Bath not what I'm going for, but I would have loved this as a teenager

Anyone know of a shower curtain that would look good with the yellow light?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dining Room

updated 4/2011

Featured in Better Homes & Gardens May 2011 Issue

When we bought our house I was so excited to have a dining room. We love to use ours it makes me feel "fancy" eating in a dining room everyday.

Here is how it looked when we bought the house.

And now it looks like this

(March 2010)

After my new rug April 2011

My daddy made our table for my birthday. I wanted a picnic x base table and that is what he built.

We are pretty casual people. I wanted something that would be durable and hold up to daily meals as well as daily life. I love not having to worry about scratches and just being able to enjoy our table and did I mention my dad made it.

The chairs were a craigslist find via a want ad I placed. I painted them the same color as our tv cabinet, BM Hampshire Gray HC-101. I haven't found the perfect fabric for the cushions so until then I just covered them in unbleached cotton.

The rug is West Elm Jute Boucle Rug in Platinum. It was brought by Better Homes & Gardens when they came to take a photo from the "I Did It" story. I liked it so I bought it from them, and now I have a cool rug story to go along with it.

I bought my china cabinet off of craiglsit for $50. It is a perfect size for a small room. I thought it may be a little too Art Deco but I think it works just fine. One day it will need some work but for now Eric added some shelves to hold all of my fine china.

I am always playing with the accessories on top of my china cabinet. We have some beautiful flowering shrubs in the spring and I love being able to take advantage of the free flowers.

I bought the bird print at the thrift store and just left it in the frame. The pewter plates were only $1 each! I used the disc plate hangers on them. I couldn't get them to stay so I used some gorilla glue on the back and well they haven't fallen yet.

This little cabinet was once a dresser in its former life. But I rescued it from the side of the road and had Eric add shelves so it can hold my milk glass and china serving pieces. My favorite milk glass are the hobnail pieces and my birthday is June 2nd in case anyone has homeless milk glass they want to send my way! The topiary is from Crate Barrel.

Last fall I sent out a desperate cry for help with my curtain fabric. I left the two candidates draped up while we had tailgate party before a rainy AU/West Virginia football game and all 25 people voted the bird fabric. I still sort of wonder if I made the right decision but it is growing on me. Maybe with a beefier curtain rod I will love it.

(The fabric no longer shows up on com but here is the fabric, Golding Cantata-Chocolate just 2x the price.)

The light fixture was the only thing we changed in the room. I was really wanting a bell jar fixture and this one was the cheapest one I could find. I would have loved to have 2 lamps over my table but I have only have one.

You may have noticed I have a wall of white plates. There are a few ironstone pieces mixed in with just white. I had collected these plates for a year before we moved into the house, I was dreaming of a wall full of white plates.

Of course I was unlucky blessed enough to have a concrete block and plaster home. Eric wasn't comfortable putting that many nails in the wall, plus you can't just put a nail in a concrete block, so I used command strips. We have been awoken several times during the night to plates falling so we have used nails on a few to hold the plates up. We are just waiting for the wall to crumble from broken plaster.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our dining room, aka the plate room. Lots of good memories have been made in this room and hopefully many more are to come.

We usually eat around 5:30 so I'll set an extra place for you.

To see how Ana at Knock Off Wood built my table click here

For more info on how my Dad built my table click here

For wall color info click here

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Someone's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!
he still looks a lot like this!

He is a wonderful Daddy and man and has an influence on me daily. I hope there are many more strawberry shortcakes in the future.
And yes we all still call him Daddy.

We celebrated with a little party Saturday night.

We finished the night off with Wii dance and it was so hilarious watching Brooks get down.

Sunday my sister had her wedding tea. She got lots of fun goodies.

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