Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

Well I didn't get my 4" of snow, but I did get 3 inches!

It started snowing Friday morning and by lunch my boss finally let us go. We spent most of the early afternoon sitting in our snow globe but once there was a good layer on the ground, we went on a walk.

Our favorite restaurant, look at that tree

Bo knows snow

Of course there were tons of people on Samford Lawn having snowball fights


The next few pictures are of some of the cute houses in our neighborhood

My house................ one day

This house is for sale and it's backyard backs up to ours. It could be really cute and has cute roof lines you can't see with the snow. If you want to buy it I can tell you what needs to happen to it, I've already made a renovation plan.

If you buy the house you can stare at this cute one all day.

One of my favorites and they have recently renovated it.

Last March we had a good snow and I drove by and took a picture of the house because I really hoped one day we would be able to buy it and I wanted to have a snow picture. One month later it became ours! And if I do say so it is much improved.

After our walk we built a snowman. We didn't want to use our snow so we used snow from the house across us. Don't worry it is for rent so no one lives there. But if the owner ever wants to sell, I have a renovation plan for that one too.

Finished Frosty

Claire loves the snow she loves to catch snow balls.

Can you find her?

Where's Waldo?

So not only was it a snow weekend, but Valentine's Day. For VD Eric bought Claire a ZuZu pet because she loves to chase chipmunks, squirrels. Well she was totally possessed over the thing. We had to hide it while we were at church because we were afraid she would have a heart attack. I don't remember laughing that hard in a long time.
She pretty much had it destroyed by the end of the day. She jumped up on the back of the sofa and dropped it on my hair and its wheels got stuck. Here she is still trying to get it while it is in my hair. Eric had to cut it out.
We watched Valentine's Day yesterday with my sister and her man. It was a cute movie, go see it.


Jo said...

Ya'll are too cute!! Love it!

paula said...

so exciting wasn't it!

Karli @ RockyBella said...

How fun. I wish it snowed where we lived. It has only once in my life, when I was in Jr. High. It lasted for about 3 hours before it melted all away. =)

Screaming Meme said...

You make me want to play in snow! lol Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I would love for you to stop in and check out Screaming Meme...It is a decorating blog....

I have another comical blog called This Family's Gone Crackers...It is a comical journey of my family going INSANELY gluten free...

Hope to see you there, Meme

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