Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Prints

Do you read the website One Pretty Thing? If not you have to start. It is a great website updated several times a day with every great crafty DIY project on the Internets. I have an email that I link all of my to do projects to that I see on the site. That way if my computer ever crashes I will have the links.
Today they featured a free print by Kind Over Matter. All you need is a color printer and some cardstock. This would make a great baby shower or birthday gift. Just pop it in a frame and you are ready to go!
My favs are the red, orange, and green.

I had to check out Kind Over Matter to see if they had any other freebies. I love this Love Map. I would love to travel the world but the USA also has some amazing places to see. I really want to make for me & E to map out the (few) places we've been.

Happy Printing!


Karli @ RockyBella said...

Of course you can use it! I'm flattered. And yes, I bet you did see something familiar. ;) it is holding me over until we can do our counters!

bethanypaige2 said...

v, fabrizio, who secretly checks you blog daily, is aching for a new update - ha! he loves this! just thought i'd let you know the positive feedback - no pressure for blogging, just wanted you to know you have an audience/fan club out in CO :)

amanda said...

Hi!!! Just wanted to stop by & thank you for posting about our blog, it means so much to us!

Peace to you! xoxox

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