Monday, February 22, 2010


{I've had several request to see more of my house. So I am going to try and post different rooms on Mondays.}

Today the breezeway / sewing room is up. This room connects our bedroom (former garage) to the rest of the house. In its former life it was a screened in porch. The brick and doors were already added when we purchased the house. We tiled the floors last fall.
Here is what the breezeway looked like when we first looked at the house in July 2008
(we bought it in April 2009)

And this is what it looked like after we moved in. For about 2 months it was a huge tool box while we were working on renovations.

umm I can't believe I put this picture on here but how did I live like that?!

And now

I have my sewing machine set up in here. My fabric stays in the cabinet in the guest room. I bought the sewing table and the chair last spring at a thrift store. (I actually hid the chair and its mate in the attic before we moved so Eric wouldn't know I bought another chair!) I love that the table has a fold in leaf, I have it out now to have more room. The rug came from Target.

Remember way back in November when I needed suggestions for my breezeway/sewing room wall? Well 4 months later I finally have all of my frames filled up. I think I would like to get a few more to frame some of the newspaper articles about Eric but hanging those frames isn't too fun.

I bought the hope print off of etsy, the large green frame in Texas (I took the picture), the gold one at a flea market and I just painted a scrap piece of wood with chalkboard paint, the double frame holds our wedding rehearsal and wedding invitations. The white frames have a piece of cork in the back and I have nephews/niece pics tacked up in them.

This little masterpiece is by my nephews. Baron did the small top left section and Brooks had painted a fudge brownie and Mickey Mouse but then he decided to swirl all over it. When I was taking their picture Baron stuck his hand in the bottom right corner so it has his handprint.

This is the other side of the narrow room. I bought this chair at the thrift store and covered it with thrift store fabric. Eventually if we have children (after seeing what Hatch would look like not so sure now) Eric's gun cabinet will have to go beside the chair. But I am either going to sew a slip cover for it or build an armoire over it.

The frame came from a dumpster I think (when all of your things come from the side of the road or thrift store things start to run together :) I popped a solid cork board from Hobby Lobby into the frame to be able to pin up pictures or other randoms. I still need to cover or stain the cork but I haven't decided what to do yet. I don't really have any spaces in my house to have picture frames so I intended on changing out these pictures occasionally, that was almost a year ago and they are still the same.

And this last little corner is Claire's (as is every other corner in the house). The top painting my mom did for us several years ago. It is of Claire doing her favorite thing at the old house, chasing David the squirrel. The bottom print I ordered off of ebay and it looks just like her but was of the artist's dog.

The dresser is a $3 find from the thrift store. I bought it when I had to submit a portfolio to get into Interior Design at Auburn. I made it over then and it has since been painted new knobs and feet added. The orchid was given to me by a friend in exchange for some sewing for her nursery and the little brass squirrel came from the thrift store for 50 cents.

Still To Do:

Right now there is a ceiling fan but I would like to eventually change it out to a cute chandelier. Also I'm not sure about curtains, I use to have burlap panels but when we put the tile floor in they didn't match so I've been curtain less since. I have also thought about painting the doors a color but I'm not sure. But for now I'll call this room finished.


becky said...

Fun space! I love all of that light and can't wait to see more!

paula said...

It looks beautiful. I wouldn't mind sewing there any day.

Mrs. D said...

I love how personal everything is! And the dresser looks great for $3!

Anonymous said...

Perfect for you and Claire. All that natural light is yummy!

Barbie Chiu said...

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